Copy Protection and License Control for Software, Video and Content files

Virtual Disk Copy Protection...

Virtual Disk Copy Protection: Copy Protection and License Control for Software, Video and Content files...

Copy protection and license control for software, video and digital content & data files, Copy protect & publish video/audio, digital content, computer games, PDF document, HTML pages in single image file via download online or offline on computer, including screen recording, grabbing and streaming protection.

Copy Protection and License Control for Software, Video and Digital Content...

  • Effectively prevent any copying and sharing attempts, including screen recording and streaming.
  • Deliver to customers on any physical media or make available for download via the internet.
  • Upload to your own website or deliver through a file sharing service such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, We Transfer.
  • Generate activation codes through TrusCont License Management System to control on how many PCs each customer can access your files and when it will expire.
  • Suspend, renew, revoke individual customer activations.
  • No upfront costs or service fees - pay only for the activation codes you generate for your customers.
  • Pricing / Pricing information: Buy Now (Virtual Disk Activation Credits)

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Virtual disk publishing and Protection of your Software, Video, Content files and data online or offline in minutes!!!. It uses advanced technology to protect digital contents, such as confidential documents, by encrypting the contents and applying digital signature to the Virtual Disk. The encrypted files are recorded in Virtual Disk are in read-only format which cannot be edited or copied to HDD or other memory drives, such as USB.

Virtual Disk Protection Software Toolkit

Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit applies encryption and produces the final output (.tciso). Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit includes TrusCont Drivers, the Optional drivers for using TrusCont protected files without admin rights.

Copy protection is embedded into Virtual Disk, which helps identifying the original disc in authentication process. Copy protection on Virtual Disk also verifies the recorded data and encrypted image file.

Diskless Copy Protection

virtual disk protection

copy Copy protect, Package, and Publish software, video and data files online for sale.

Virtual Disk Protection Credit Pricing information

Low cost / high volume product publishers - Price

Creating the protected virtual disks doesn't cost anything and you can create as many virtual disks as you wish. You only need 1 Virtual Disk Activation credit for generating each activation code.

Virtual Disk Activation Credits

Credits for generating activation codes for protected virtual disks. Each credit can be used to create 1 Activation code for a single PC. Read more...

Virtual Disk Copy Protection Features

Flexible licensing schemes

Choose for how long each customer can use you product in days, weeks, and years. Control on how many computers each customer can use your product. Easily suspend, renew, revoke activation codes.

Software copy protection

Apply strong anti-copy, anti-debug, code obfuscation & encryption for native code EXE, .NET programs, and WPF applications. Easily applied in minutes on your existing software, no programming skills required whatsoever. Read More About This Feature...

Content protection

Copy protect almost any data type including PDF documents, images, video, audio, html web pages, and even your own proprietary file formats. Outstanding protection technology that efficiently locks your data, control use rights such as save-as, printing, copy-paste, and time limits ╪╕�¤�€ô whether the data files are used by your proprietary software, or distributed alone for use with common 3rd party software such as Adobe Reader, media players and internet browsers. Read More About This Feature...

Virtual Disk Protection...

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Guides & How-tos...
  1. How to create virtual disks for users?

  2. How to create or generate activation codes for users?

  3. How to extend expiry date of virtual disk for users?

  4. How to ReKey?

  5. How to Suspend, renew, revoke individual customer activations?

  6. How to protect, upload virtual disk copy protection to your own website or deliver through a file sharing service such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, We Transfer?

Why? explains Copy Protection...

In the software industry, the idea of copy protection is proved to be a good strategy for stopping software piracy.

Authors, developers, publishers and artists who release their works only as copy-protected materials have been urged to consider their decisions very carefully. However, many publishers, authors and artists have experienced unauthorized copying and huge loss. To protect their materials, they have sought copy protection against unsanctioned copying by consumers. Although it is easy for anyone to copy anything with the right amount of creativity and a little technical savvy, copy protection is designed to discourage users through various measures. Developers are employed to come up with these measures to protect artists╪╕�¤�€╪ت intellectual property.

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