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Our company offers a range of services to protect your digital content, including copy protection solutions, anti-file-copy software and hardware, software protection dongles (such as HASP device - Hardware Against Software Piracy device used for software copy protection), Cybersecurity Products & Solutions, Digital signatures, PKI Authentication Token, FIDO Security key, Digital Signatures (USB DSC token), PKI USB Token, as well as protection against unauthorized copying of USB, CD, DVD, and virtual disks. Additionally, we provide standalone duplicators for USB flash drives, memory cards, HDDs & SSDs Duplicator, ensuring efficient duplication processes. Our digital security solutions cater to various industries, safeguarding cloud-based platforms, video content, data, and software. Trust aftindia to protect your valuable digital assets.

Copy Protection Solutions: Software, DVD, CD, USB & More!

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Looking to safeguard your digital assets? Explore our Copy Protection solutions, including robust Copy Protection Software for USB, DVD, virtual disks, and videos. Our USB Copy Protection & USB Protection Software ensures your data stays secure wherever it goes. Protect your valuable video projects with our cutting-edge Video Copy Protection & video encryption software. Safeguard your software with our reliable Software Copy Protection solutions. Plus, ensure maximum security with our Software Protection Dongle and Hardware Key (HASP) Dongle options. Don't compromise on protection—trust us for your Copy Protection needs!.

Software Protection Dongle: Purchase Software Dongle for Security, Buy at Best Prices and Affordable Devices at Low Cost

Protect your software from piracy with ROCKEY dongles, offering top-notch Software Copy Protection Solutions. Choose ROCKEY2 for affordable, reliable protection. Upgrade to ROCKEY4ND for a robust query-response mechanism, or secure your entire LAN with NetROCKEY4ND. For advanced encryption, ROCKEY4 Smart includes RSA, DES, and 3DES capabilities. Need something compact? The ROCKEY4 Smart Mini is the smallest option. StoreROCKEY4 Smart offers ample flash memory. For high-performance encryption, consider the RockeyARM USB system. Ideal for protecting commercial software like games, accounting, legal systems, CAD, medical software, and more. Invest in a Software Protection Dongle today.

USB Drive & Flash Memory Card Duplicators: USB SD CF Flash Media Duplicator Machine & Sanitizer...

Standalone duplicators for USB flash drives & memory cards are efficient tools designed to quickly and accurately duplicate data from one storage device to multiple others. These standalone devices eliminate the need for a computer, making the duplication process more convenient and less time-consuming. They are particularly useful for businesses, organizations, and individuals who frequently need to create multiple copies of data stored on USB flash drives or memory cards. Creating duplicates for distribution, backup, or archival purposes, various features and benefits of standalone duplicators for USB flash drives and memory cards, as well as their applications in different industries and settings.

Hard Disk Duplicators: Clone Hard Drive or HDD / SSD Erasing Devices. Hard Drive Cloning and Copying...

Hard Disk Duplicators are essential tools for Hard Drive Cloning & Copying efficiently and accurately replicating data from one storage device to another. SATA HDD/SSD duplicators, SAS HDD duplicators, CRU HDD duplicators, Mini Portable SATA HDD SSD Duplicators and NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD duplicators cater to various types of hard drives and solid-state drives, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of storage devices. Choose our reliable duplicators for fast and secure data replication, ideal for businesses, Duplicator for digital cinema, and individuals alike.

Cybersecurity Products & Solutions...

  1. Cybersecurity Products & Solutions
  2. OTP (One Time Password) Solutions
  3. Token and Card Security
  4. FIDO Security keys
  5. PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Solutions
  6. Digital signatures certificates
  7. Digital Signatures (USB DSC token)
  8. PKI USB Token
  9. Industry-Specific Security Solutions
  10. Cyber-Attack Prevention Solutions

Our comprehensive range of Cybersecurity Products & Solutions ensures that your organization stays protected from evolving digital threats. From robust Identity Security Services to efficient Access Management Solutions, we provide tailored strategies to safeguard your sensitive data. Our cutting-edge OTP (One Time Password) Solutions and Digital signatures token and certificates of authentication and Token and Card Security measures offer additional layers of protection against unauthorized access. Explore our advanced Security Keys for Protection and Smart Card Security options to fortify your defenses against cyber threats. AFTINDIA provides cost-effective solutions tailored for enterprises, financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, SMBs, smart payment device manufacturers, payment application developers, and beyond.

Copy Protection Software - Safeguard Your Intellectual Property...

Copy protection software from Aft India, the anti-file-copy software offers supports of DVD copy protection, USB protection, virtual disk copy protecton & license protection etc that are designed to protect digital content in various formats, including videos, audios, software, games, eBooks, documents. Aft India's copy protection software solutions utilize advanced encryption, password, license management, and copy restriction technologies to protect digital content from piracy, hacking, cracking, cloning, sharing, copying, converting, unauthorized access and distribution.. TSFD Protection Toolkit software which is used to copy protect software and data on USB Flash Drives and external HDDs / SSDs. It supports Windows, MacOSX, Android TV, Android Mobile/Tablet devices.

USB Copy Protection: Solutions, Publisher & Encryption Toolkit

USB copy protection is an essential aspect of digital content security that aims to prevent unauthorized copying, distribution, and use of digital content stored on USB flash drives or sticks. Our USB copy protection software and tools are designed to protect digital content from unauthorized access, copying, and distribution using advanced encryption, password, license management, and copy restriction technologies. USB Copy Protection solutions include USB flash drive copy protection, USB stick copy protection, USB security software, USB encryption, USB password protection, USB license management, USB anti-piracy measures, USB content security, USB data protection, USB software protection, USB digital content protection, USB copyright protection, USB anti-duplication measures, USB anti-copying technology, USB data encryption, USB secure content distribution, USB secure file sharing, and USB copy restriction. These solutions are designed to safeguard digital content from piracy, copyright infringement, unauthorized access, and distribution, and ensure the secure transmission and distribution of digital content over USB drives or sticks. Unbreakable copy protection for almost all media files. It supports Windows, MacOSX, Android TV, Android Mobile/Tablet devices.

CD, DVD, BD Copy Protection: Secure Your CDs, DVDs & Blu-rays Content...

CD DVD BD Disc Copy Protection solutions from Aft India is a highly effective solution that provides perfect resistance to Compact Disc and DVD recordable media 1:1 duplication and cloning, bit-2-bit copying, virtual drives and emulators, and other known hacking, cracking, and copying methods. With its unprecedented performance and efficiency, it is fully transparent to end-users. This solution is suitable for a wide range of industries, including entertainment, software, publishing, and education, where intellectual property protection is crucial. It ensures that digital content stored on CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs is secure and protected from unauthorized access and distribution. DVD Protection Toolkit, DVD copy protection, CD copy protection, and Blu-ray Disc copy protection solutions utilize advanced encryption security that helps protect digital assets from piracy and copyright infringement.


If you're looking for a reliable way to protect your video projects and files, look no further than our range of USB dongles. Compatible with popular video editing software such as Edius, Premiere, Pinnacle, and After Effects, our dongles provide comprehensive protection for your EZP, EZB, EWS, EPJ, X3D, AEP, AEPX, AXX, AXP, and PRPROJ files. With our Edius Project Protection, Premiere Project Protection, Pinnacle Project Protection, and After Effects Project Protection solution by Edius USB Dongle, Premiere USB dongle, Pinnacle USB dongle, and After Effects USB dongle provide the best range of project protection solutions for EZP, EZB, EWS, EPJ, X3D, AEP, AEPX, AXX, AXP, and PRPROJ video files. Don't take chances with your hard work - choose our USB dongles for unbeatable video project protection.


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Discover a range of cutting-edge media duplication solutions tailored to meet your needs. From CD Duplicators, DVD Duplicators, to Blu-ray Disc Duplicators, our offerings ensure seamless replication of optical media. Our Standalone Disc Copiers, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, provide efficient and reliable duplication. The Optical Disc Duplicator range boasts high-speed performance, while our Multi-drive Duplicators allow for simultaneous copying, saving you time and resources. For large-scale projects, our Duplication Towers and Automated Disc Duplicators offer unmatched efficiency. Whether you need a Professional Disc Duplicator, Media Duplication Equipment, or a Disc Copying Machine, our products guarantee exceptional results. Explore our range today and experience the benefits of a Standalone Media Replicator that delivers precision and speed for your content replication needs.

At AFT India, we specialize in professional copy protection solutions, including software copy protection dongles, USB copy protection, and Cybersecurity, security keys, PKI, Identity Security & Access Management. Our methods safeguard and encrypt various digital content, such as video files, audio, media files, PDFs, and HTML pages, from unauthorized access. As a trusted encryption software provider, we are dedicated to ensuring the security of protected digital media. Additionally, we are a leading supplier of flash duplicators, offering a wide range of products including USB Drive Duplicators, SD & MicroSD Duplicators, CF/CFast Duplicators, SATA DOM Duplicators, and HDD/SSD/SAS/SATA Duplicators. Our standalone copier cloning machines enable efficient media replication, providing reliable solutions for businesses and organizations.

Whether you distribute content via DVDs, single PC installations, or utilize Offline & Online activation methods, AFT India offers top-notch solutions. Our Copy Protect USB Pen-drive, Flash Drive & Storage Dongle with Flash Stick, along with our USB dongles for software security and General USB flash disks, ensure comprehensive data protection. Regardless of your chosen delivery method, our advanced features guarantee a seamless user experience for your customers across all platforms, be it offline or online.

What is Copy Protection...

Copy protection is a critical aspect of safeguarding digital content from unauthorized duplication or distribution. Whether it's software, videos, or data, implementing effective copy protection measures ensures that intellectual property remains secure. At Aft India, we will explore various copy protection solutions, such as copy protection software, USB copy protection, virtual disk copy protection, CD/DVD copy protection, and video copy protection. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of software protection dongles, and data copy protection in keeping valuable content safe. Join us as we delve into the world of copy protection and discover the best practices to protect your digital assets.

Copy protection in data encryption is the process of encrypting and protecting digital files and folders from being anti-piracy copied preventing the reproduction of software, videos, films, music, and other media. Unauthorized copying of data can lead to data leak, exposure, or even a breach. Aft India provides copy protection for software, video files, digital music, PDF, MS Office, HTML, SWF, image, audio and films, EXE applications, program.

What is copy protection software?...

Anti-file-copy software. Windows copy protection software to prevent copying files. Protect and secure your organization's critical data and digital content from theft or exposure by preventing unauthorized file copy events. Disable file copy with Aftindia's copy protection software. Download and get started with a fully functional free trial. Encrypt, Detect and prevent sensitive data piracy, sharing, copying method, screen recording via CD/DVD, USB devices, email, downloads and more using our data encryption tool.

USB Drive & Memory Card Duplicators...

  • USB Drive Duplication Solutions
  • USB Duplicators - Golden Series
  • USB Duplicators - Silver Series
  • USB Duplicators - High-Speed USB 3.2 Duplicator and Sanitizer
  • USB Duplicators - Portable Mini USB Copier
What is USB Drive Duplicator & Memory Card Duplicator?...

Aftindia, leading supplier of best stable, high-speed USB Flash Drive Duplicator & Memory Card Duplicators machine provider, with a competitive product portfolio which includes duplication, inspection, sanitization and covers Flash, HDD and M.2 PCI-E SSDs. Aftindia can supply and deliver equipments all over the world in USA, Europe and Asia. Our global technical support center (Technical Support Center) offers real-time service to multinational companies...

What is HDD/SSD Duplicator...

Aftindia, leading supplier of best stable, high-speed data solution HDD/SSD Duplicators equipment, which includes duplication, inspection, sanitization and covers Flash, Hard Disk Drive, Solid State Drive and M.2 PCI-E SSDs. Aftindia can supply and deliver equipments all over the world in USA, Europe and Asia. Our global technical support center (Technical Support Center) offers real-time service to multinational companies...

What is Software Protection Dongle?

Introducing Software Protection Dongles: Your Ultimate Solution Against Software Piracy.

Looking to safeguard your software from unauthorized access and distribution? Enter the world of Software Protection Dongles, where ROCKEY dongles stand out as the pinnacle of anti-piracy solutions. With a suite of offerings tailored to meet diverse needs, ROCKEY's lineup ensures your software remains secure, no matter the scale or complexity.

ROCKEY2 sets the standard with its cost-effective yet robust protection, offering simplicity without compromise. Need more advanced security?

ROCKEY4ND introduces a query-response mechanism, while NetROCKEY4ND extends protection across entire LAN networks, all at an unbeatable value.

For those requiring top-tier encryption, ROCKEY4 Smart steps in with its chip, clock, and advanced RSA, DES, and 3DES encryption capabilities. Seeking compactness?

ROCKEY4 Smart Mini boasts the smallest form factor, perfect for space-conscious setups.

RockeyARM USB raises the bar with high-performance encryption, ensuring your software remains impenetrable against even the most determined piracy attempts.

In a landscape rife with digital threats, Software Protection Dongles emerge as your steadfast guardians, preserving the integrity of your software investment. Don't let piracy compromise your hard work and innovation. Invest in Software Protection Dongles today and safeguard your digital assets with confidence.

CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc Duplicators...

  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc Duplicators
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc Duplicators: 4-in-1 USB/DVD Series Flash to DVD Duplicator
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc Duplicators: Blu-ray/DVD/CD Duplicator Controller
  • Buy CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc Duplicators
What is CD/DVD/BD Duplicator?

Aftindia, leading supplier of best stable, CD/DVD/Blu-ray Optical Disc Duplicators and Duplicator Controller, which includes Disc to Disc, Disc to USB/Flash, USB/Flash to Disc, USB/Flash to USB/Flash. Aftindia can supply and deliver CD/DVD/Blu-ray Optical Disc Duplicators and Duplicator Controller all over the world in USA, Europe and Asia. Our global technical support center (Technical Support Center) offers real-time service to multinational companies...

CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection...

  • CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection
  • CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection: DVD Protection Toolkit
  • CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection: Enhanced DVD-R copy protection
  • CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection: Replicated DVD copy protection
  • CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection: Standard CD/DVD/BD copy protection
  • Buy CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection
What is CD/DVD/BD Copy Protection?...

Aftindia, leading supplier of best stable, CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection, which includes enhanced DVD-R, standard CD/DVd/BD and Replicated DVD copy protection. Aftindia can supply and deliver CD/DVD/Bluray Copy Protection all over the world in USA, Europe and Asia. Our global technical support center (Technical Support Center) offers real-time service to multinational companies...