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We provide Virtual Disk Copy Protection is a large selection of diskless copy protection and modern Virtual Disk Copy Protection to package, copy protect, and publish video, software, documents online download...

Educational software:

Educational industry is growing rapidly, and many educational institutions and others are providing more education software than ever before. It is critical to protect the software from being copied and distributed to potential customers for obvious reasons. Educational Software includes various types of educational contents, such as the following:

  • Educational game Software
  • English Self-Study Software
  • English Lecture Clip
  • Various Types of Dictionary Software
  • Academic Institution Software
  • Corporate Training Software
  • License and/or Certificate Software

Contents provider uses USB devices to deliver confidential documents, such as blueprints and development process document that are extremely valuable to the company.

Companies with high activities in outsourcing, outdoor-jobs, and/or
home-working employees:
  • Various types of design companies (Web, logo, and etc)
  • Sales experts
  • Insurance company
  • Trading company
Corporations or organizations handling confidential documents:
  • Construction Firms
  • M&A Organizations
  • Information Systems Corporations
  • Data Security Firms
  • Financial Corporations
Business office software:

Many types of software have been developed for the purpose of business/office use. These programs are used to increase the efficiency by helping inventory management, accounting, and other office works. Examples of Business/Office software are as follows:

  • System backup and/or restore tool
  • Clip-editing tool
  • Management tool
  • Electronic publishing tool
  • Document Organizer/Reader
  • Corporate research tool
  • Digital library structure program
  • Translator software
  • Sales and other accounting software
  • Engineering software
  • Design software
  • Other utility software

Because most of the programs are the intellectual property of the owners, it is critical to protect these contents from unauthorized copies being made and distributed in the market. In addition to the s/w listed above, there are many other programs developed for various purposes.

  • Games
  • Electronic music book
  • Electronic genealogical table
  • Electronic map program
  • Medical software
  • Motor vehicle manual
  • Tour information software
  • Album editing tool
  • Web developing tool
  • Anti-virus/search software

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