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Aft India offers ELITE-5 USB dongle key for software protection application languages, This is the Most Powerful USB dongle provided to protected software with following features: Top security (CC EAL5+) 32bits ARM smart chipset, super large space (256Kb/512Kb(optional)) which up to 3000/6000(optional) licenses can be stored in, Virbox ELITE5 is future-proofed dongle in software protection area with best customer experience and are widely selected by thousands of software developer. IE version and Rechargeable Real-Time Clock version are also available for ELITE5 dongle. .

Buy ELITE USB Dongle Low Price for Software protection for sale:

  • .NET, C/C++, C#, Java, PHP, VB.NET, Labview, UE4, Revit, Ruby, Lua, AutoCAD ARX, VB 6.0, Matlib, GO, Unity3D, python, Delphi
  • Supported Platforms and Programming Languages
  • Multi Operating System and Language supported
  • Driverless
  • Extremely Secure
  • Strong Encryption
  • Anti-hacking Techniques
  • Windows SDK Download (Moway USB Dongle)
  • Software Protection and Licensing
  • Download Datasheet
  • Quick Start Guide-Hareware Lock
  • Trial and Buy

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Brief introduction

The ELITE 5 USB Dongle is the latest version & future proofing of smart dongle designed for software protection and licensing for software vendors, it can be either work independently like traditional dongle or works with the Virbox LM to provide top level security guarantee for software be protected.

ELITE 5 USB Dongle integrated with top latest 32 bits ARM smart chipset and security level up to CC EAL5+ with execution speed up to 50MIPS, it contains secured RAM and flash memory which makes software dynamically be encrypted in different level via Virtual Machine Environment, Code Fragmentation Execution, Anti-Hacker Shield Technology, Virbox EL5 provides Anti-Hacker Engine, Anti-Reverse Engineering, Code Fragmentation technology to software vendor to protect software and IP respectively.

Buy ELITE 5 USB Dongle for Software protection Online at Low Price in India

Exceptional characters includes:

  • Latest and Top Security Smart chipset inside: SC300 CC EAL5+;
  • Super large capacity available: Up to 3000/6000(optional) licenses stored for EL5; Support large amount of Code protected store/encrypt/executed in Secured environment by use of Code fragmentation technology;
  • All Kinds of License mode supported;
  • Secured communication tunnel to Guarantee Communication safety;
  • Algorithms supports: RSA 1024/2048; ECC 192/256/384; AES 128/256; SHA1/256, etc;
  • The OS supported is Windows, Linux, Mac;
  • State of the Art Virbox COS and File Management system.
  • Elite 5 can be used standalone or can be used to connect to Virbox LM Platform to provide advance protection and license functionality to software vendor.
  • Elite 5 is top level Security tools to protect your software & IP and volume/scalable used and well proofed to protect software in different industry.

Powerful Performance

  • Latest ARM Chipset: Infineon 32bits ARM SC 300, CC EAL 5+;
  • CPU Clock Frequency up to 44Mhz, 50 MIPS;
  • Communication Speed reach to 320Kbps; USB 2.0 full speed (NVIC).

Extra Large Capacity

  • 256K ROM/512K (optional);
  • 3000/6000(optional) Licenses stored.

Future proofed Security Architecture

  • Introduce Security Service Component;
  • Enhanced Security level dynamically On premise;
  • Pro Active detection and defense to Software piracy;
  • Code Porting/Fragmentation, Virtualization, Anti-Debug protection in R0 level(driver level).

Tailor-Made & Customized File Management System

  • Firmware: COS;
  • Security Service API provided;
  • License Management, SES Lib, Authorization and Session Management.

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What Is Software Piracy?

Software piracy means the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software. Piracy can be easily done by copying, downloading, sharing, selling, or installing multiple copies into personal or work computers without paying the software inventor. The global rate at which PC software was installed without proper licensing in the emerging economy countries decreased rose from 43 percent in 2014 to 39 percent in 2015*.
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