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We provide Virtual Disk Copy Protection is a large selection of diskless copy protection and modern Virtual Disk Copy Protection to package, copy protect, and publish video, software, documents online download...

Which file types can be protected with TrusCont?

TrusCont products can protect more than 300 different file types by default and also include advanced features for protecting almost anything else including proprietary file formats and applications. The default list includes software, documents, images, all video and audio file formats, Microsoft office files, HTML, Java scripts, XML, and many others.

Can I protect full HD videos?

Yes. TrusCont doesn't degrade performance and quality of the protected data allowing publishers to protect even the highest HD quality video without compromising performance and quality.

What is the maximum file size I can protect?

TrusCont products can protect files of any size. The practical limit is the available free space on your production PC.

Is it possible to steal protected data from the screen?

No. TrusCont is the only protection system that generically blocks screen grabbing, recording, and streaming attempts while the secured data is displayed. Unlike others, TrusCont doesnt simply blacklist known software. TrusCont's effective countermeasures block both known and unknown screen recording programs, remote desktop applications, and even Trojan horses!

How many virtual disks can I create?

As many as you wish. TrusCont doesn't charge anything for creating the virtual disks and using the TrusCont License Management System. You only pay for the activation codes you generate for your customers.

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