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Products/ Copy Protection/Software Toolkits/USB Drive/Dongle/ Duplicators...

We provide copy protection, software toolkits, USB dongle, flash drive, Hard disk, microSD duplicators products and solutions for sale...

Aft India offers copy protection products, video protection, DRM software toolkits, USB dongle, flash drive duplicators, Hard disk duplicators, SSD, microSD duplicators for Windows/Linux/Mac users.

Aft India Copy protection products, software toolkits, USB dongle offers best advanced techniques to protecting digital content from unauthorized copying. Our encryption softwares for industry publishers, methods used to protect and encrypted software .net applications, c++,, exe file, video, video games, audio, ebook, pc games, copy uncopyable text (pdf document), excel workbook file, word documents, music, data, mp3, file/folder, java application from piracy.

Free Trial & Buy for Software Developer/Software Publisher company in Software Copyright & IP Protection and License Entitlement Management. Aft India also offers software protection dongle from usb flash drive copy protection for your intellectual software property from piracy that may result in huge buisness and profit loss.

DVDs, Single PC installation, Offline & Online activation, pen drive with copy protection, USB dongle for software protection, USB storage media flash memory drive, mass storage device(General USB Flash Disk), the Internet no matter how you chose to deliver your content, you can benefit from the same outstanding feature-rich data protection and your customers can enjoy the same unified user experience.

Video Copy Protection: Video Protection Software | Video Encryption Software | Video Anti-Piracy | Anti Screen Capture Software...

Various video copy protection softwares avaialble to content developers, publishers, software industry and video publishing market used to copy protect full from piracy, sharing videos, grabbing screen, desktop screen recording, Player streaming, remote sharing, etc.

  1. Protect video by copy protect serial number and registration key.
  2. Protect VIDEO by on Single Laptop, Desktop PC user.
  3. Protect videos on USB pendrive or dongle.
  4. Protect video and deliver to customers on any physical media or make available for download via the internet.

We provide Video Protection Software, Video Encryption Software, Video Anti-Piracy and Anti Screen Capture Software for customers to protect their valuable videos so that others cannot steal it and distribute among their friends.

  • Video educational materials: Educational multimedia courses, recordings of trainings, seminars, webinars and so on.
  • Materials for corporate use: Recordings of corporate events (trainings, festivals, awards, parties, etc.).
  • Personal and copyrighted materials: Family audio/video archives, personal portfolios, presentations of research papers and so on.
  • Materials for free distribution
  • Video coaching institutes: Most suitable for video coaching institutes and those into the video distribution business.

Overall Benefits: Virtual disk protection toolkit is a low cost software. Video Protection Software to protect your videos against unauthorized copying and distribution. This is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection software that encrypts your videos so that others cannot steal it and distribute among their friends.

Most suitable for video coaching institutes and those into the video distribution business. Low cost anti copy software works by encrypting your videos, thus preventing them from unauthorized viewing and distribution. It can be a powerful tool against anti-piracy and for screen capture protection.

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MOWAY and ELITE 5 dongles are the perfect solution for many different scenarios. Whether you are looking to protect your application from piracy or to effectively license your embedded system, MOWAY and ELITE 5 is the right choice.

AFT INDIA welcomes special project requirements or customization requests.

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