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We provide Copy protection software is encrypted to offer copy protection for USB Pendrive Dongle Flash-Stick storage media devices and best tool for sale. We also offer USB duplicator...

Aft India Copy protection software offers best copy protection system and encryption technology free anti-copy tools mechanisms to restrict users from ripping/copying video files, computer games, excel file, audio, data from encrypted and protected digital media such as USB dongle key, Flash drive, Pendrive, USB stick, Mass Storage Device, General USB Flash Disk and other SD/microSD card, CD/DVD media and virus free driverless. Blocked screen capture protection, removing breaking, cracking hacking or bypass methods by techniques and technology of media files. We provide in-built burning software with valid license control.

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Aft India Copy protection system offers best methods & DRM techniques to protecting digital content from unauthorized copying. Our anti-copy software tools for industry publishers, methods used to protect and encrypted software .net applications, c++,, exe file, video, video games, audio, ebook, pc games, pdf document files, excel workbook file, word documents, music, data, mp3, file/folder, java application from piracy.

Copy protection software with built-in uses burning software technology tools license to restrict Windows, MacOSx, Android TV/Mobile/Tablet users from copying copyright data from protected digital media device USB, flash drive, stick, pendrive, dongle, sd card, memory card, cd and dvd, and downloads online or offline unlock data. Sophisticated anti-cracking, hacking countermeasures and complex security schemes make copy protection technology strong.

Our copy protection software products to protecting software applications, digital content or data files from unauthorized copying from protected storage media USB Dongle, Pen drive, Flash disk, USB-Stick CD/DVD and Downloads. Free download and burning software methods used to protect software, video, audio, films, music, computer games, web pages, SWF flash, ms-office, PDF documents and other media, usually for copyright reasons from piracy.

We provide free download of software protection tool(SDK) for software developers and best anti-copy lock protection software tool for content publishers also provide copy protection for elearning education, video lectures, tutorials, computer games, software developers, digital music and films industry are supporters of copy protection on key mechanisms for Windows, MacOSx, Android TV/Mobile/Tablet devices, etc.

USB Security Dongle offers following powerful free SDK and free Trial & Buy for Software Developer/Software Publisher company in Software Copyright & IP Protection and License Entitlement Management. Aft India software protection dongles offer copy protection for your intellectual software property from piracy that may result in huge buisness and profit loss.

DVDs, Single PC installation, Offline & Online activation, pen drive with copy protection, USB Security Dongle, USB storage media flash memory drive, mass storage device(General USB Flash Disk), the Internet – no matter how you chose to deliver your content, you can benefit from the same outstanding feature-rich data protection and your customers can enjoy the same unified user experience.

Software License Protection, is essential for software developers and content publishers to have software license protection to protect their software intellectual property from reverse engineering or piracy. Aft India software protection dongles offers a series of durable dongle key and software developer friendly licensing protection product. You can rely on our advance anti-cracking and license defense features that will ensure only your customer can access your software!

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Copy protection definition...

In the software industry, the idea of copy protection is proved to be a good strategy for stopping software piracy.

Authors, developers, publishers and artists who release their works only as copy-protected materials have been urged to consider their decisions very carefully. However, many publishers, authors and artists have experienced unauthorized copying and huge loss. To protect their materials, they have sought copy protection against unsanctioned copying by consumers. Although it is easy for anyone to copy anything with the right amount of creativity and a little technical savvy, copy protection is designed to discourage users through various measures. Developers are employed to come up with these measures to protect artists’ intellectual property.

For technical questions, to report problems or to suggest improvements please contact us...