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We provide digital content, data, and software security solutions for a connected world

Copy Protection Solutions

Virtual Disk Copy Protection

Deliver virtual disk copy protection to customers on any media or available for download via the internet.

Software Protection Dongle

Software protection dongle for software licensing USB device to your software program applications encrypted hard lock.

Video Editing Software Projects

Video Editing Software Projects Protection by USB dongle for Edius, Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

USB Copy Protection Solutions

Best USB copy protection solutions safeguard your files. Protect your USB flash drives with our top-rated copy protection software.

Copy Protection Software

TSFD Protection Software Toolkit

TSFD Protection Toolkit software which is used to copy protect software and data on USB Flash Drives and external HDDs and SSDs

Virtual Disk Protection Software Toolkit

Virtual Disk Protection (VDP) Toolkit software which is used to copy protect software and data for distribution on virtual disks.

DVD Protection Software Toolkit

DVD Protection Toolkit for copy protection can protect almost any file type on any recordable CD DVD and Blu-ray disc.

Smart CB Viewer Encrypter Software

Copy Protection Windows, MacOSx, Android TV, Android Phones and Tablets device.

Hard Disk Drive Duplicators

SATA SSD HDD Duplicator

High-quality SATA SSD HDD duplicator for efficient data replication.

CRU HDD SSD Duplicator

CRU HDD SSD Duplicator, Media and Entertainment CRU Cable Free Drive Cloning machine.

Portable SATA HDD SSD Duplicators

Portable SATA HDD SSD Duplicator, a ultra-high speed 30GB/min copy speed

M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD Duplicator

High quality M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD Duplicator for efficient data duplication.

Flash Drive & Memory Card Duplicators

USB Flash Drive Duplicator

USB Flash Drive Duplicator, a ultra-high speed 18GB/min copy speed

SD microSD Card Duplicator

SD microSD Card Duplicator, a high speed 2GB/min copy speed

CF CFast Card Duplicator

Duplicate CF CFast cards quickly and efficiently with our reliable CF CFast Card Duplicator.

SATA DOM eMMC Duplicator

Discover the best SATA DOM eMMC Duplicator solutions for your needs.

Software Protection Dongle

Rockey4 ND

ROCKEY4ND is an advanced software protection system. High performance software program encryption device.

Rockey4 Smart

ROCKEY4 SMART is a software protection dongle hardware based on smart card chip.

CopyLock Dongle

CopyLock Dongle is a cheapest USB Dongle hardware solution for software program security.

Sentinel HL

Sentinel HL Hardware based protection keys for software protection.

Cybersecurity, Identity Security and Access Management

Application Security

Application Security

Enhance your application security with our solutions designed to protect applications and APIs.

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Data Security

Data encryption and security solutions to secure your data from potential data breaches.

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Software Monetization

Maximize your software business potential with Aft India’ software monetization solutions.

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Cyber Security

Enhance your online security with our range of Cyber Security Solutions, PKI, and FIDO Products.

Copy Protection

Safeguard your software, video, and content with our comprehensive copy protection products and license control solutions on USB, CD/DVD, and downloadable formats.

  • Copy protection software
  • USB Copy Protection
  • USB copy protection software
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc copy protection
  • DVD copy protection software
  • Copy protection USB dongle key
  • Copy protection virtual disk
  • Copy protection for USB flash/drive/stick/disk
  • Video Copy Protection
  • Video Copy Protection Software
  • Software Copy Protection
  • Copy protection windows/macos/android
Copy Protection, Software Licensing and Protection USB Dongle, Pendrive Hard Disk Drive Duplicator Clone Copier, Cyber Security
Copy Protection Software

Copy Protection Software

Protect your digital creations with industry-leading copy protection software products. Safeguard your intellectual property with advanced encryption and comprehensive licensing solutions.

  • TSFD Protection Toolkit for Windows
  • DVD Protection Toolkit for Windows
  • Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit for Windows
  • CB Viewer for Windows, MacOS, Android TV
  • CopyLock Studio
Rockey Software Protection Dongle Solutions

Rockey Software Protection Dongle

Ensure the security of your software with Rockey’s cutting-edge protection dongle products. Experience cost-effective software protection with Rockey Software Protection Dongles.

  • ROCKEY2 offers good and simple software protection dongle at a very low cost
  • ROCKEY4ND offers query-response mechanism. Advanced software application protection system.
  • NetROCKEY4ND protects your software in the entire LAN for the price of a single software protection dongle.
  • ROCKEY4 Smart also has a chip and a clock and RSA, DES, 3DES encryption software protection dongle.
  • ROCKEY4 Smart Mini is the smallest in size. Software protection dongle hardware is based on smart card.
  • Rockey ARM USB software protection system. High performance software protection dongle and program encryption device.
Sentinel HL Hardware Protection Keys

Sentinel HL Hardware Protection Keys

Unlock the power of software security with Sentinel HL hardware protection keys. Safeguard your applications and intellectual property with reliable and versatile hardware-based licensing solutions.

USB Flash Drive Duplicators and Memory Card Duplicators

Effortlessly duplicate, clone, and copy USB flash drives with our versatile and reliable duplication products. Streamline your data replication tasks and ensure efficient distribution with our user-friendly solutions.

  • USB Drive Duplicator
  • SD/microSD Card Duplicator
  • CF/CFast Card Duplicator
  • SATA DOM/eMMC Duplicator
USB Media SD CF Flash Memory Duplicators & Sanitizers
HDD SSD Duplicators

HDD SSD Duplicators

Easily clone and duplicate HDDs and SSDs with our reliable and efficient hard disk duplicator products. Streamline your data replication process and ensure seamless storage migration with our cutting-edge solutions.

Cybersecurity, Identity Security and Access Management

Protect your digital and physical assets with our comprehensive cyber security and cyber-physical products. Safeguard against cyber threats and maintain operational resilience with our innovative solutions.

  • FIDO Security Keys
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Smart Card USB tokens
  • One time password (OTP) tokens
  • Smart Payment products & solutions
  • Access Control products & solutions
Cybersecurity, Identity Security & Access Management

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