Video copy protection

Video Copy Protection...

We prevent the reproduction of audio and video copy protection (mp4 copy protection, mp3, wav, wmv, avi, mpg, dvd-video) against copying and illegal distribution. Audio/video file copy protection videos, audios, films, music, and other media, usually for video copyright protection reasons. Unauthorized copying and distribution with media publication.

Aft India provides various video copy protection schemes available to edcational video publishing market used to copy protect videos from piracy, sharing videos, grabbing screen, screen protector video, desktop screen recording, Player streaming, remote sharing, etc. Protect videos on USB flash drive, secure flash drive from unauthorized casual copying paste, set User binding, no of days expiry, set expiration date, password, Read-only & virus/malware protection, deleting, modifying and formatting, Protect video and deliver to customers available for download via the internet. Protect video by copy protect serial number and activation code.

Encryption Software, Video Anti-Piracy, Anti Screen Capture Software:

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Video Copy Protection is designed to protect video audio files (mp3, ogg, wma, wav, etc.) and video files (mp4, avi, mpg, wmv, etc.) intended for playback on personal computers against copying, illegal distribution and unauthorized use. Our Video Encryption Software encrypts your files into standalone play, that can play by usb dongle or only be run on single authorized PC.

We provide Video Copy Protection Software, Video Encryption Software, Video Anti-Piracy and Anti Screen Capture Software for customers to protect their valuable videos so that others cannot steal it and distribute among their friends.

  • Video educational materials: Educational multimedia courses, recordings of trainings, seminars, webinars and so on.
  • Materials for corporate use: Recordings of corporate events (trainings, festivals, awards, parties, etc.).
  • Personal and copyrighted materials: Family audio/video archives, personal portfolios, presentations of research papers and so on.
  • Materials for free distribution
  • Video coaching institutes: Most suitable for video coaching institutes and those into the video distribution business.
  • DVD Movies: Video files in DVD-Video format.
  • Protection of video and audio files: intended for distribution on any media and via the Internet

Overall Benefits: Virtual disk protection toolkit is a low cost software. Video Protection Software to protect your videos against unauthorized copying and distribution. This is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection software that encrypts your videos so that others cannot steal it and distribute among their friends.

Most suitable for video coaching institutes and those into the video distribution business. Low cost anti copy software works by encrypting your videos, thus preventing them from unauthorized viewing and distribution. It can be a powerful tool against anti-piracy and for screen capture protection.

Copy Protect VIDEO by on Single Laptop, Desktop PC user Binding Object: Personal computer (PC)

Virtual Disk Protection protects video files can be played only on personal computers. To play the protected file for the first time, it's required to activate code it with a serial number (activation is possible over the Internet, by SMS, WhatsApp, phone, or email). The file becomes bound to the personal computer after activation and its further use is possible only on this machine. The code cannot be use on 2nd PC computer machine.

Multi-format supported...

Video Copy Protection supports a large number of video formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG, etc and other media files.


This video is drm protected is fully compatible with all variants of the Windows operating system, which including Windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, and so on.

Support operating system: win7/Win8/win10, support 32 and 64-bit windows computer OS...

Support video format: AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, MPG, MKV, MOV, MPEG , MPG, OGM, RM, TP, TS, DVD-Video (VOB) and more...

How it Works...

Video copy protection is a hardware and software-based copy protection solution.

  • Select your distribution media.
  • Protect video files Using the copy protection software toolkit. The software will encrypt videos, copy protect and lock your content to the USB media, download or by activation code.
  • Send the protected USB drive or encrypted video files to your client. The client will connect the drive or put activation code and view the copy protected content directly from the flash drive, hardisk, etc.


Video Copy Protection support Windows OS only.

  • If you want to support mobile phones, pls contact us which support Windows, Android and Mac OS.

Video and audio copy protection...

Video and audio protection against unauthorized viewing and illegal distribution.

User generated content (audio and video) is part of a very common type of information business today. The main threat to this business is the uncontrolled distribution of such materials over the network. Content authors and video publishers always try to use audio and video protection.

Video Copy Protection & DRM Software...

Virtual Disk Protection (Diskless): Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit...

Virtual Disk Protection (VDP) is a protector video and diskless copy protection solution that enables drm protected video you to package, copy protect, and publish software, drm videos, documents and almost anything else in minutes. The protected package can be delivered to end users via any file sharing service. Our VDP solution allows you to stay in control of your files at all times, and easily control who will have access to your files, and for how long.

Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit is a video protection and enterprise DRM software that hosts your videos and lets you upload > download your protected videos to your own website or deliver through a file sharing service such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, We Transfer.

Generate activation codes through TrusCont License Management System to control on how many PCs each customer can access your files and when it will expire. Suspend, renew, revoke individual customer activations.

Virtual Disk Activation Credits: Credits for generating activation codes for protected virtual disks. Each credit can be used to create 1 Activation code for a single PC.

TSFD Protection Toolkit: USB Video Copy Protection Software...

Use this software to video copy protection and duplicate your video files on USB flash drives. The TSFD Protection Toolkit offers the most comprehensive, versatile, and secure USB copy protection solution for both software, video copy protection and data files. It can protect more than 300 different file types by default including all video and audio file formats, Microsoft office files, PDF documents, offline web pages and much more. It also includes advanced features for protecting almost anything else including proprietary file formats and applications.

TSFD Protection Toolkit is a video copy protection and enterprise DRM software that hosts your videos and lets you standalone play your protected videos from USB only itself while control how they're being accessed, viewed, and distributed.

Video Copy Protection...

Video copy protection software

Download the software to evaluate and see why it is the best solution. Or see it used online upload in your favourite to your own website or deliver through a file sharing service such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, We Transfer. Deliver to customers on any physical media or make available for download via the internet.

How to encrypt video files and protect USB flash drives...
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  • How to copy protect video audio files on normal USB storage flash drive?
  • How to copy protect video audio files on secure flash drive?