Video Copy Protection: Protect VIDEO from video copy & screen recording

Video Copy Protection...

Video Copy Protection: Protect VIDEO from video copy & screen recording...

Video Copy Protection solutions and encryption software that allows you to protect VIDEO from video copy & screen recording. Video protection software offers the most secure video protection on the computer. Play encrypted videos with default software players such as VLC, Windows media player and many more.

Protect VIDEO from video copy & screen recording:

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Video File Copy Protection solution is designed to protect video audio files (mp3, ogg, wma, wav, etc.) and video files (mp4, avi, mpg, wmv, etc.) intended for playback on personal computers against piracy and screen capture, streaming, copying, illegal distribution and unauthorized use. Our Video Protection Software encrypts your video files into standalone play, that can play by usb dongle or only be run on single authorized PC, Security of video-files secured by encrypting them.

Free Videos Copy Protection Software is a unique data copy protection software that lets you prevent video theft by letting you copy protect your videos, audios and multimedia work. It uses advanced DRM copy protection technology that encrypts your videos and other media files into copy protected videos which can be burned on USB Flash Drives, Storage media, SSD/Hardisk and CDs/DVDs.

Video Copy Protection Software:

Features of Video Copy Protection

  • Anti Screen Recorder, Grabbing and Streaming
  • Encrypted video can be quickly played with VLC player, media player and many more without delay.
  • Per User License Control with only per computer activation code with embeded expiration date in years-months-days.
  • Suspend, renew, revoke individual customer activations.
  • Video copy protection for USB flash drives

Main Features of Video Copy Protection

Protect All Media Formats

Any Video Encryptor can easily encrypt virtually any kind of Video, Audio, Image formats. You can protect MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MTS, RMVB, MXF, VOB,FLV, MPEG, TS, MP3, AAC, AC3, OGG, WMA, JPG, BMP, PNG with the best free media encryption software and hardware solution.

Copy Protection

The program uses an advanced level of data leak prevention technology that does not permit duplication of your important files and copyright material to any USB pendrive or other such storage devices without your permission.

Prevent Video Duplication

The program safeguards from data infringement which can lead to lost revenues & loss of intellectual credit. Advance copy protection technology restricts access to your data from unauthorized users. Unbreakable protection for all your media files including your videos, audios, pictures and documents.

Benefits of Video Copy Protection

  • Video educational materials: Educational multimedia courses, recordings of trainings, seminars, webinars and so on.
  • Materials for corporate use: Recordings of corporate events (trainings, festivals, awards, parties, etc.).
  • Personal and copyrighted materials: Family audio/video archives, personal portfolios, presentations of research papers and so on.
  • USB Pendrive video courses and data files for distribution and sale.
  • Video coaching institutes: Most suitable for video coaching institutes and those into the video distribution business.
  • DVD Movies: Video files in DVD-Video format.
  • Protection of video and audio files: intended for distribution on any media and via the Internet.

Video Copy Protection Tutorial Videos

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FAQ of Video Copy Protection

What is Video File Copy Protection?

Video Copy Protection and its unique encryption software that allows you to copyright audio and video files to prevent them from being illegally copied, copied, or transmitted.

The software uses DRM encryption technology to prevent the video file format, and the encrypted files can only be run on licensed PC or USB Pendrive media or virtual disk.

Video Copy Protection...

Best Video Copy Protection Software...

Software to protect your videos against un-authorized copying, piracy and distribution media. This is a DRM protection software that encrypts your videos so that others cannot steal it and distribute among their friends. Most suitable for coaching institutes and those into the video distribution business. This is a free download software, and you only need to purchase the protection credits from us. It works by encrypting your videos, thus preventing them from un-authorized viewing and distribution. It can be a powerful tool against anti piracy video and for screen capture video protection.

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