We provide copy protection on USB for software, video content, PDF documents, Data files

USB Copy Protection: Copy Protection on USB

Copy protect USB drive for software, video, digital content, PDF documents and files...

Copy protect usb drive, a perfect USB Copy Protection solution for publishing software program, video content, PDF Documents, data files on anti copy usb drives to prevent unauthorized copies, Set a password, Set Expiration date, Set a number of days expiry, Restricted use mode to computer, user and domain with enable offline and online activation.

usb copy protection, anti copy usb, copy protect usb drive:

USB Copy protection software, video and data files on USB flash drive is much more than just a copy protection system. Actually this is a complete solution that turns USB flash drives from storage devices to powerful publishing media carrier. There is a very wide range of security features embedded in, USB Copy Protection, such as preventing copies, computer binding, set passwords, controlling user rights, setting expiration dates and limiting the number of days.

With these conspicuous advantages your copyright products and intellectual properties in USB drive disks are more usable and user-friendly to your customers – with hardware level write protection you can stop accidental deletion and disable Autorun/Autoplay function. It offers you a perfect choice for the distribution of the copyright content and your valuable materials in USB drives and frees you from illegal uncopyable and breach.

USB Copy Protection Options

  1. Set a password
  2. Set Expiration date
  3. Set a number of days expiry
  4. CD-ROM partition
  5. Read-Only USB
Set a password

Set a password that end users will need to enter in order to access the specific file.

Set expiration date

Set a date on which access to the file will be permanently denied.

Set a number of days expiry

Limit the number of days expiry the file will be accessible since the first use of the disk.

CD-ROM partition, Read-Only USB

Enhanced harware based Read-only & virus and malware protection, deleting, modifying and even formatting your data files.

Supported File Types for USB Copy Protection:

USB Copy Protection supports a large selection of file types is a perfect security solutions for publishing files, video & audio, games,PDF Documents, HTML Web, Music, Images, Flash SWF application, EXE Executable .NET, Unity 3D, C++, C#, VBNET, MS-Office(Excel, Word, Powerpoint), music and films on USB flash drives to prevent unauthorized copies, control use rights, set expiration date.

  1. Books & Documents: PDF, DJVU
  2. Web Contents, Flash Animations & Applications: HTML, Java Scripts, SWF/Flash, FLV
  3. Pictures & Images: JPG, PNG, GIF
  4. Audio files: MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV
  5. Video files: ASF, AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4, M4V, FLV, etc.
  6. DICOM (Digital Images and Communications in Medicine): DCM, DIC, IMA, NEMA

Proprietary & and other file formats: Supports almost any data type. Easily configurable in TSFD Protection Toolkit Software.

USB Copy Protection Software Tool

TSFD Protection Toolkit Software

The TSFD Protection Toolkit is a best copy protection software for usb that enables publishers to apply Hardware Based Anti-Copy Protection on certain 3rd party USB Pendrive Dongle Flash Stick. However, it is highly recommended to use our Secure Flash Drives which offer the highest compatibility, copy protection level, and stability.

Main Features of USB Copy Protection

  • Blocks screen capture / grabbing / streaming.
  • Device Supported Types: External SSD / HDD, USB Mass Storage Device (Generic USB Flash Disk) and Secure Flash Drive
  • Powerful hardware based pendrive copy protection.
  • USB Copy Protection Software for PDF, documents, pictures, music files, MS-Office(powerpoint, excel, word), HTML,SWF, image, audio, video files, Unity3D, LabView, VB .net, VB6, .NET and Windows applications, including both native code (win32), Adobe flash EXE, etc.
  • Copy Protection Software for usb: TSFD Protection Toolkit
  • USB Copy Protection Software - Download
  • No of days time limits: Make your files expire at a specific date, and/or after a specific number of days since it is first used.
  • Limit use of the protected files to specific number of computers, or users.
  • Password protection.
  • Write protect the flash drive to prevent accidental deletion, modification, and even infection by viruses and malware.

Features of USB Copy Protection

USB Copy Protection for Content

Professionally designed for copy protecting USB flash drive and other HDDs/SSDs storage devices, USB Copy Protection Software protects not only software, but also PDF, video, image, and many other file types, even proprietary file formats are included. Under the protection of license key, Video/Data Files and Digital Content files in a secure USB drive can only be opened and viewed while unauthorized users cannot copy, move, modify, delete, save as or print them. Read More About This Feature...

USB Copy Protection for Software Program

A program file protected by TSFD Protection Toolkit Software on USB Disk will run and function normally exactly as its unprotected origin as long as the USB Disk on which it was originally recorded is connected to the local PC. If the original USB Disk is not connected then the protected program file will not run. Instead, a message requesting the end user to connect the original USB disk will be displayed. This message can be customized.

Apply strong anti-copy, anti-debug, code obfuscation & encryption for native code EXE, .NET programs, and WPF applications. Read More About This Feature...

Read Only USB, Virus & Malware Protection

Our TSFD Publisher, a secure flash drive is full compatible for read only partition on USB disks that are compatible with Hardware Based Protection the first partition, on which the protected files are recorded, can be write protected in order to prevent end users, viruses, and malware from deleting or modifying the protected files. The write protection is forced by hardware and cannot be bypassed by formatting and/or disk partitioning tools.

For UDF partitions this option is always enabled and cannot be turned off. FAT32 partitions can be configured as read-only or write enabled.

For USB disks that are not compatible with Hardware Based Protection this option is always disabled.

CD/DVD/BD-ROM Emulation and Autoplay

CD/DVD Emulation makes your flash drive behave as a CD/DVD medium. It enables true Autorun / Autoplay functionality also on older operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista. A Perfect solution for quickly porting games, software, and multimedia content, applications distributed on CDs and DVDs to copy protected USB Pendrive Dongle Flash Stick drives. You can also partition the unused memory of the flash drive for end users general purpose use, and facilitate secure updates of your titles.

Expiration Dates, Number of Days Expiry

Set expiration date of content and its Copy Protection for USB on which access to the file will be permanently denied. Set a time limit or number of days expiry the file will be accessible since the first use of the disk.

Password Protection

Optionally, program files can be protected with a password. If a password is set, the copy protection system will also ask the end user for a password before allowing the protected file to run. If the password is correct the application will run. Otherwise an error message will appear. A USB Disk can contain multiple protected files. Each file can be protected with a different password.

Other Features of USB Copy Protection

Copy Protection for USB drive is incredibly transparent and friendly to the end user. As long as the end user uses a legitimate and valid Copy Protection for USB Stick of the protected data, your data will function exactly the same as its unprotected origin.

  • Files cannot be copied or shared
  • Data cannot be deleted or erased off drive
  • Files cannot be printed
  • Cannot copy & paste text from files
  • Standalone solution, no internet required
  • Solution supports both Mac and PC
  • No Installation of software on host
  • Admin rights not required
  • Copy Protection license does not expire
  • Re-use flash drive again and again
  • Password option for more security
  • Short run or large run production options
  • Set time expiration for files
  • Triple DEA encryption technology
End User Accessibility
  • An end user attempts to access an illegal copy of your files
  • An end user attempts to access expired content
  • An attempt to perform a restricted operation (e.g. printing, copy & paste)
  • An attempt to access a resource requiring a password or an activation key

The affect on functionality depends on your content type and the copy protection settings that you apply to it.

TSFD Publisher Copy Secure Flash Drive & Dongle

Secure USB flash drive provides hardware-based dongle, provides the strongest security level and enables additional features such as hardware write protection, partitioning and protection of files bigger than 4 GB. Hardware Based Protection requires compatible USB flash drive.

AftIndia offers TSFD Publisher, a Secure flash drives. This is the hardware technology our enhanced copy protection is based upon. The TSFD Publisher, a Secure flash drives is both a hardware and software copy protection and encryption solution. These TSFD Publisher, a Secure flash drives are high performance devices which provide the optimal level of read / write speeds to optimize the functionality of the copy protection software loaded on the Secure flash drives.

USB GB Sizes & Capacity
  • USB 2.0: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • USB 3.0: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Aft India offers the TSFD Publisher, a Secure drives in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB sizes. Inquire today and learn more about how Aftindia can help protection your intellectual property. Contact us for special projects or to double check a supported format.

USB Copy Protection User Guide

A one page guide for quickly copy protecting software, video and data files on Copy Protected USB Pendrive Dongle Flash Stick with the TSFD Protection Toolkit using the basic default settings. Download

FAQ of USB Copy Protection

What is USB Copy Protection?

USB Copy Protection is a perfect solution for publishing media files on USB flash drives to prevent unauthorized copies, controlling user rights, Set a password, Set Expiration date, Set a number of days expiry, Restricted use mode to computer, user and domain with enable offline and online activation.

Which file types can be protected with USB Copy Protection?

Copy protection on usb for any data type including EXE, PDF documents, HTML pages, flash applications and SWF, image files (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.), audio & video files (MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV, etc.) and many other file formats. You can even protect your own proprietary file formats.

How can I make my USB copy protected?

AftIndia offer USB Copy Protection credits for your own flash drives you can use flash drive copy protection software to check if your flash drives are compatible.

What is USB copy protection credits?

USB copy protection credits for protecting software, video content and data files on your own USB flash drives. Make sure that your flash drives are compatible before buying credits. How do I check if my flash drives are compatible?

What is the best USB security software?

The TSFD Protection Toolkit Software is a best and robust professional encryption software available, a all-in-one security solution encryption program to prevent all your files in a USB flash disk or other types of storage devices from unauthorized.

How does USB copy protection work?

USB Copy Protection - Download, The TSFD Protection Toolkit Software is a all-in-one security solution encryption program to prevent all your files in a USB flash disk or other types of storage devices from unauthorized.

Copy Protection on USB...

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What is USB Copy Protection?

USB Copy Protection solution is a combo of hardware and software program solution that protects your files in a USB drive from unauthorized copying and distribution. With the protection of this TSFD Protection Toolkit software program, your files in a USB flash drive or other removable disks can be locked up and prevented from data piracy or sharing.

USB Copy Protection: USB Flash Drives for Copy Protection

Flash Drives for Copy Protection is a powerful hardware based security for software and data, copy protection for USB flash drives is much more than a copy protection system. It includes features that turn USB flash drives into powerful publishing media. While providing top of the line security for your business profits and data, it also makes your product remarkably safe and user-friendly.

USB Copy Protection is hardware based, providing the highest protection level. Strong anti-copy protection for software and data tightly binds your files to the USB flash drive hardware and makes it virtually inseparable. Sophisticated anti-cracking countermeasures and complex security schemes make copy protection technology an extremely tough nut even for the most experienced pirates. Software level features further control use rights such as printing, copy-paste, limited time use and more.

Read-only USB configurations write protect your flash drives in hardware, prevent deliberate or accidental delete, format or change of your data and effectively protect your flash drives against viruses and malware infections. CD-ROM partition, user reserved data area, and true Autorun / Autoplay functionality further enhance your customers’ usage experience.

USB Copy Protection Software Tookit Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8 (64bit / 32bit...

Ver. 7.3 - March 31, 2021 Download USB Copy Protection (2021) for Windows PC from Aftindia.in. 100% Safe and Secure. Free Download (64-bit / 32-bit).
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