Copy Protect USB Drive & Pen Drive Security

USB Copy Protection/ Copy Protect USB Drive and Pen Drive Security...

USB Copy Protection provides pen drive security and usb protector software. Copy Protect program, video, data files on USB drive for windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS X...

  • Blocks screen capture / grabbing / streaming.animated-hot-image-0010
  • Device Supported Types: External SSD / HDD, USB hardware and Secure Flash Drive
  • Powerful hardware based pendrive copy protection.
  • USB Copy Protection Software for PDF, documents, pictures, music files, MS-Office(powerpoint, excel, word), HTML,SWF, image, audio, video files, .NET and Windows applications, including both native code (win32), Adobe flash EXE, etc.
  • Protect any USB flash drive. No expensive dongle required.
  • Time limits: Make your files expire at a specific date, and/or after a specific number of days since it is first used.
  • Limit use of the protected files to specific number of computers, or users.
  • Password protection.
  • Write protect the flash drive to prevent accidental deletion, modification, and even infection by viruses and malware.
  • Copy protection software for usb: TrusCont TSFD Protection Toolkit.
  • Mass production: TCPS USB Duplicator



Aft India USB Copy Protection offers the best software for usb flash drive dongle pendrive, and free download tookit for windows users, It can be used to protect the media files like videos, audios, copy uncopyable text from MS-office and anti copy PDF documents, SWF, .NET, Flash application, protect HTML website pages and content from being copied, intractive content with advance features of write protection data lock, Read-only & virus and malware protection, deleting, modifying and even formatting your protected copy dongle usb and its data files, Standalone solution, Time limit, anti-rip, anti-copy, passwords, etc.

USB Copy Protection specifically built-in DRM copy protection, file encryption for publishing owners data files. The ideal solution that make USB flash drives from simple storage devices to powerful publishing protected media carrier. There is a very wide range of security features embedded in USB Copy Protection such as preventing unauthorized copying, copies, User binding, no of days expiry, set expiration date, password, Read-only & virus/malware protection, deleting, modifying and formatting, CD/DVD/BD-ROM Emulation & Autoplay.

USB Copy Protection provides a true pen drive protection solution and pen drive security software that prevent copying from usb drive. Copy protect usb drive with the most popular digital content types such as protecting multimedia contents such as e-learning materials, video copy protection guides, tutorials, technical publications, animations, presentations, drawings and more.

USB Copy Protection File Formats:

  • Books & Documents

Supported file types: PDF, DJVU
Typical applications: Digital books, documents, reference materials, technical manuals.

  • Web Contents, Flash Animations & Applications

Supported file types: HTM, HTML, SWF, FLV
Typical applications: Training materials, e-learning applications, HTML based applications, and other multimedia enriched contents.

  • Pictures & Image

Supported file types: GIF, JPG, PNG
Typical applications: Pictures, images, photos - typically embedded within HTML files.

  • Audio Files

Supported file types: MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV
Typical applications: Audio books, music.

  • Video Files

Supported file types: ASF, AVI, MPG, WMV
Typical applications: Video guides, training videos.

  • DICOM (Digital Images and Communications in Medicine)

Supported file types: DCM, DIC, IMA, NEMA
Typical applications: Medical images and information.

Proprietary File Formats

We can also copy protect proprietary file formats. Customers are required to provide a sample of their file format and the reading application for testing and certification. In most cases a configuration file can be provided to the customer within a few days that adds support for the proprietary file format in TrusCont usb secure software wizard utility tools.


Main Features of USB Copy Protection

Content/Video/Data File Protection

Specially designed for copy protecting USB flash drives and other storage devices, USB Copy Protection software protects not only software, but also PDF, video, image, and many other file types, even proprietary file formats are included. Under the protection of USB Copy Protection, files in a secure USB drive can only be opened and viewed while unauthorized users cannot copy, move, modify, delete, save as or print them. Read More About This Feature...

Software Copy Protection

Apply strong anti-copy, anti-debug, code obfuscation & encryption for native code EXE, .NET programs, and WPF applications. Easily toggle wide range of security features: access control, limit number of hosts, limit use time, and much more. Silent protection fully transparent to end users. Easily applied in minutes, no programming skills required whatsoever. Read More About This Feature...

Digital Rights Management (DRM) & Block screen recording, grabbing & streaming

You can set the rights to view/play only in allowed players. The software will check the Block screen recording, grabbing & streaming automatically and make sure the video cannot be recorded.

User binding, No of days expiry, Set expiration date

USB Copy Protection Software allows USB drive owners to optionally restrict access to content in USB stick by setting expiry date. set user binding online or offline. The program will check both local computer time and network time. If someone uses computer without network connection and sets back local computer time, the program will also detect the change and prevent access to the content.

Read-Only USB, Write Protection, Data Lock, Virus & Malware Protection

Only Secure USB Flash Drive has this function to allows users cannot delete data and files cannot be deleted off the drive or formatted off the drive. All content is locked at the controller level. Write protection in hardware is the safest way to prevent end users from deleting, modifying and even formatting your data. It is also the perfect solution to protect your files against viruses and other malware infections. The write protection applied by TrusCont is device, file system, and OS independent. Your data is totally safe no matter where it is used. You can also partition the unused memory of the flash drive for end users general purpose use, and facilitate secure updates for your own protected data.

CD/DVD/BD-ROM Emulation & Autoplay

CD/DVD Emulation makes your flash drive behave as a CD/DVD medium. It enables true Autorun / Autoplay functionality also on older operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista. A Perfect solution for quickly porting games, software, and multimedia content, applications distributed on CDs and DVDs to copy protected & secure USB flash drives. You can also partition the unused memory of the flash drive for end users general purpose use, and facilitate secure updates of your titles.

GB Sizes of USB Copy Protection...

  • USB 2.0: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • USB 3.0: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

Datasheet: User Guide

Data Sheet: User Guide

A one page guide for quickly protecting software and data files on USB flash drives with the TSFD Protection Toolkit using the basic default settings. Download

USB Copy Protection: Copy Protect USB Drives...

  • Copy Protect any USB flash drive. No expensive dongle required.
  • Copy Protect on Secure Flash Drive.


How to Copy Protect Secure Flash Drive?

  • Purchase the USB media from Aft India which has all security features & license protection on the drive.
  • Plug blank Secure Flash Drive into USB port.
  • Installing and open TSFD Protection Toolkit (download from here)
  • Create project and add files/folder into project > Protect All > Volume label
  • Start Duplicating to 10 targets of 10 USB drivess in one time along with anti-delete partition, CD-ROM, or read-only USB, which is virus and malware safe.

Secure USB Flash Drive (TSFD) is a hardware and software-based USB copy protection solution. Use the free USB Copy Protection software and free download to copy protect and record your files to the blank Secure Flash Drive or standard USB media and create copy protected media.

How to Copy Protect Standard Any USB Drive?

  • Pricing / Purchase the USB Stick Protection License from Aft India.
  • Plug blank any USB drive into USB port.
  • Using the TSFD Protection Toolkit software, a Truscont wizard utility, data load the USB drive. The software will encrypt files, copy protect USB and lock your content to the USB storage media drive.
  • Once done, send the protected USB drive to your client. The client will connect the drive and view the copy protected content directly from the flash drive.

This license enables the creation copy protected USB sticks with software, data, audio and video content. It works with every USB drive and does not require a certain brand or capabilities. You can try free before you buy.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10, 32bit, 64bit

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Secure flash drive enables easy distribution, publishing and storage of your software, video and data. Secure USB Flash Drive security solution embeded in USB key in 8GB, 16GB, 32Gb, 64GB, 128GB. Create copy protected USB flash drive....

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