Comparison Table between Secure flash drive and Normal USB Security

Comparison Table...

We provide comparison table between secure flash drive and Normal USB security...

Features Secure USB Flash Drive Standard USB
Anti Copy Protection
Protect any USB Drives
Software copy protection (Apply strong anti-copy, anti-debug, code obfuscation & encryption for native code EXE, .NET programs, and WPF applications)
Data protection (PDF, MS-Office, SWF, image, audio, video files, many more.)

Block screen recording, grabbing & streaming

Anti-clone USB Drive
Customize LOGO/splash screen
Restricted/Binding mode (Computer. User. Domain)
Enable offline activation / Enable online activation
8 Numbers of USB duplication can be protected in one go
Read-only & malware protection
(Write protection in hardware prevent end users from deleting, modifying and even formatting your data, viruses and other malware infections)
CD/DVD/BD-ROM Emulation & Autoplay
Supports huge files(> 4GB)
Supports huge projects(> 64GB)
License Credit Protection


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