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Pre-sale and after sales and technology support from Aft India for pendrive copy protection, copy protection software and license control, etc...

Welcome to the Support Center of Aft India. We provide totally free Pre-sale & After Sales & Technology support for all users all over the India.

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  • USB Copy Protection
  • CD/DVD Copy Protection
  • Virtual Disk Copy Protection
  • USB Flash Duplicator
  • Hard disk / SSD Duplicator
  • Micro SD duplicator

Guides - User Guides & How-tos...

  • How to copy protect USB drive, Pendrive, Flash drive?
  • How to copy protect USB drive data?
  • How to copy protect files on USB?
  • How to copy protect TrusCont DVD-R?
  • How to copy protect your CD-R / DVD-R?
  • How to create copy protected TrusCont DVD-R with DVD Protection Toolkit?
  • How to copy protect PDF document?
  • How to copy protect video files?

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Aft India focus on providing Software and Digital Security Solutions including USB Copy Protection, TSFD Protection Toolkit, DVD Protection Toolkit, Virtual Disk Copy Protection, Edius USB Dongle, etc. since 2009. Learn more About Us. Contact Us...

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At Aft India, we eager to deliver great software at affordable prices backed up by outstanding support.

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