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Software USB Dongle/ copy protection software application and files...

Software USB Dongle offers copy protection for software application and files. Protect Software program .NET, C, C#, Java, PHP, Unity3D, python, Delphi created by programming languages...

Software USB Dongle is a copy protection and content protection device. In software protection, dongles are many-interface security tokens with transient data flow with a pull communication that reads security data from the dongle. In the absence of these dongles, the software will not run simply. Apart from software protection dongles AES, DES, TDES, RSA and ECC supported, critical data would be stored as file in the smart card chipset...

Copy Protection Software Application and Files:

  • .NET, C, C#, Java, PHP, Unity3D, python, Delphi
  • Video Demo Guide & manual datasheet


The following DONGLE models are made available to opt for towards your requirements

To cater the requirements of Standalone & network based application, the following dongle models are available with the system.

Software USB Dongle... HIGHLIGHTS
  • 32 Bits Smart Card inside with large storage capacity
  • Advanced Encryption Algorithm Supported
  • Secured Communication Tunnel Established
  • UUID
  • Identity Authentication supported
  • Stability and Reliability: Highly Integrated Technology of Moway
  • One Stop Protection Solution to Software developer to protect software
  • Multi Operation System and Language supported

Windows Linux Mac Operation System are supported, and C, C#, Java, Delphi program language supported.

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Software USB Dongle...

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Why? explains Copy Protection...

In the software industry, the idea of copy protection is proved to be a good strategy for stopping software piracy.

Authors, developers, publishers and artists who release their works only as copy-protected materials have been urged to consider their decisions very carefully. However, many publishers, authors and artists have experienced unauthorized copying and huge loss. To protect their materials, they have sought copy protection against unsanctioned copying by consumers. Although it is easy for anyone to copy anything with the right amount of creativity and a little technical savvy, copy protection is designed to discourage users through various measures. Developers are employed to come up with these measures to protect artists’ intellectual property.

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