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COPYLOCK Software Protection System...

CopyLock: Software Protection System and Dongle...

Copylock - Software Protection System and Dongle from, is a software anti-piracy and hardware dongle product, helps the software developers in increasing their revenue by securing their products against unauthorized usage & distribution. Protect applications VB 6.0, VB .NET, VC++ 6.0, VC++ .Net, C#, Delphi, Java, VFP developed by developers with anti-piracy product...

CopyLock Software Protection System and Dongle:

  • Introduction
  • Software components
  • Hardware Key--DONGLE
  • Software-and-Hardware Protection
  • Technical specifications
  • DONGLE types
    • CopyLock USB Dongle - Single User
    • Copylock-NetUSB2 - Network Dongle Model
  • DONGLE models
    • Copylock-USB2
    • Copylock-USB2T
    • Copylock-NetUSB2
    • Copylock-NetUSB2T
  • State-of-art Security
  • Download COPYLOCK Software Protection System

Copylock is a software protection system meant for the software developers to secure their application. The system provides hardware lock (Dongle) which can be integrated in any software application using the system supplied software programs and libraries.

The Copylock software protection system provides the Dongle or key models for USB ports. The Copylock Dongle design is ensured against any kind of tampering methods and it uses the ASIC technology to defeat any tracing and duplication attempts. The hardware includes small memory chip of capacity 512 bytes.

The Copylock software system and libraries allows the usage of it to application. Besides the basic Dongle presence checking, the developer can also make use of this memory to make the security strong. The software application integrated with Copylock Dongle (using Copylock software and libraries) becomes the final protected software application. This protected application (Copylocked application) along with one unit of Dongle and other application specific files becomes the final deployment setup bundle for the end customer.

The API libraries that enable application(s) to access Copylock Dongle are provided in various formats to suit to various commonly used DOS & Windows programming languages/development tools.

Copylock Software Protection System Bundle

You can protect:

  • 32 & 64 bit Windows applications
  • VB 6.0, VB .NET, VC++ 6.0, VC++ .Net, C#, Delphi, Java, VFP

Copylock Components:

Protection Device - Hardware DONGLE...

The Dongle is an electronic device designed to work with computer just like any peripheral devices. The Dongle �ô often referred as Hardware Lock, Hardware Key, Security Dongle, Security Key, Dongle Lock, Dongle Key and Port Lock.

Copylock software system offers the Dongle for USB (Universal Serial Bus). Until the USB ports were incorporated in computers, the Dongles & any other peripheral devices were available for Serial & Parallel ports. After the release of USB port, almost all the peripheral devices have switched their design to work for this port. The USB port has now become the standard to develop any hardware for computer.

Protection Device - DONGLE Types...

  1. Standalone Type - This type of DONGLE will respond to the application’s request only if the application is running on the same machine.
  2. Network Type - This model DONGLE will respond to the application’s request made from any computer on the LAN.

Features of Copylock Protection Device - Dongles

  • Confirms to IEEE standard for respective port on which it is designed.
  • Contains user programmable memory of about 400 bytes
  • No battery or external power source needed
  • Doesn’t interfere with any peripheral devices and third party Dongles
  • Doesn’t affect the computer performance
  • Carefully designed to defeat the hardware designers and hackers to trace the
    DONGLE design
  • An access to Dongle is possible only with special key (set by user)
  • Memory read/write is granted with only valid password (set by user)
  • Separate models are available for Standalone & Network environment for
    single-user & multi-user software applications.
  • Each Dongle contains unique identification number
  • Life is several years

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COPYLOCK Software Protection System...

  • Introduction
  • Software components
  • Hardware Key--DONGLE
  • Software-and-Hardware Protection
  • Technical specifications
  • DONGLE types
  • DONGLE models
  • State-of-art Security
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COPYLOCK Right choice for the developer!!

The COPYLOCK Software Protection System provides the complete security shell to the software application with minimum efforts overhead for the developers.

The state-of-art design of it, keeps the system very easy to use and yet provides the most powerful protection. The salient features illustrated herein can assure the developer╪╕�¤�€╪« the COPYLOCK as right choice to secure their software application!!