Important notes on TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R discs

Important notes on TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R discs...

Protection of TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R disc from emulation...

For additional protection of the disk against emulation, you must select the checkbox in the "Enhanced disc verifications" option in the "Select copy protection method" section, see below...

Select copy protection method

Html files do not display or display incorrectly in the browser.

If you encounter the problem of inability to play html files from the original TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R disc, third-party plugins are probably installed in your browser that try to somehow save the contents of the html page on the local computer or network, which interferes with the normal work of the content manager protection. Kindly follow the steps for HTML file protection.

important notes 3

important notes 4


  • Follow the same steps for Firefox, Google chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge.
  1. When writing a project to TrusCont DVD Protection Toolkit, a Failed Burn stream error occurs

    failed burn dvd

  • Check the total file size of your project, it should not exceed 4.2 GB.
  • Keep the extra space of 2 gb more on C drive as per the project size.
  • DVD protection toolkit create temporary files on C drive first with encrypted then burn to disc. make sure you have enough space on C drive.

The result of this error will be the appearance of the message "CRC" error when opening the disk.

DVD Protection Toolkit...

Technical Support...

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