Why Moway USB Dongle for Software Protection

Why Moway USB Dongle for Software Protection...

Why Moway USB Dongle: Easy to use, Secured and Cost effective software copyright protection solution for software developer

Why Moway USB Dongle: Security, Stability and Reliability, Easy to Use, Cost Effective Solution, One stop software protection solution.

Why Moway USB Dongle:

Security, Stability and Reliability:

  • Multi advanced Encryption Algorithm
  • CC EAL 4+ Chipset
  • Highly Integrated Technology
  • Secured Communication Tunnel and UUID binding with software

Easy to Use:

  • Select & Click: to Protect SW
  • Built in File management System
  • Remote Upgrade Support
  • Batch tools available for dongle volume setting and delivery

Cost Effective Solution:

  • 32 bits Smart Chipset inside
  • Large storage Capacity: 8K/32K
  • Tool chains available for fast launched
  • Save Capex/Opex

One Stop Protection Solution:

  • Virbox Protector, a highly secured protection SW provides to developer
  • Series Tool chains available
  • SDK, API, Sample and Service deliver to software developer

Moway USB Dongle: Technical Specifications

moway technical specification

Purcahse MOWAY USB Dongle...

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