Why Moway USB Dongle for Software Protection

Why Moway USB Dongle for Software Protection...

Why Moway USB Dongle: Easy to use, Secured and Cost effective software copyright protection solution for software developer

Why Moway USB Dongle: Security, Stability and Reliability, Easy to Use, Cost Effective Solution, One stop software protection solution.

More Details:

  • IT Security Solutions
  • Software Anti-Piracy
  • User Access Control
  • Identity and Acess Management (IAM)
  • Target Software Developer
  • USB Dongle Lost & Replacement Solution
  • Digital Right/Resource Protection

Moway USB Dongle is universal Solution for software developer to protect Software & IP and provides flexible License Entitlement Management Solution to Software vendor for customized software sales package for different market segment. It provides multi-layer protection to software, support license type includes dongle, software license mode.

Aft India also offer following software product, Solution and Service to Software developer, publisher or ISV: Virbox Protector Standalone; Virbox AHS; Hardware Vendors Solution, Products; Mobile APP Harden and Coding Protection Solution.

Make Software Protection with more Security

Multi layers encryption/protection and dynamics Anti-Debug, Anti-Reverse Engineering and Anti-Hacker Service protection Technologies makes the SOFTWARE be protected with more safety and security.

High Availability and Reliability

Virbox platform has been designed for Redundancy with load balancing architecture to support highly workload transaction, license Entitlement, Validation and Activation between Virbox Cloud platform and software user premise with 99.9% availability and 7X 24 hours access capability for software vendor's daily operation.

Make Hard Things Easy

Virbox¬« LM solution supports Software Developer to simplify Software Encryption/Protection and License Entitlement Process: Select & Click.

Target Software Developer:

Software Publisher may put all resource and focus to software and business development and leave software protection and licensing to Virbox LM, Virbox LM will help you to solve all everything.


The challenge for startup company: Lack of resource and it is impossible to build up on-premise license system to protect Software and License. All resource will be allocated to develop Software and quickly launch product.
The solution from Virbox Developer may choose Virbox solution, protect software by use of Virbox Protector, developer can freely select protection mode to protect software, and issue hardware based license by Virbox Developer Utility(Local License Manager) to dongle (EL5 Acme), or issue Cloud based License or Soft License according to software application scenario. Developer also may use "Marketing Center" in the Virbox Developer Center to promote the software in target market segment. It is cost of effective way to enlarge market image and sales promotion for startup company.

The Benefit: Effortless in software protection and Licensing, quickly launch software; minimized expenditure in protection and licensing. All Software, including feature and coding logic are well protected.


Multi-role are involved in Company level for different department and functions, i.e. R&D focus to protect SW, operation staff will handle daily license issue and management, Sales/Product Manager will build up sales package for market segmentation, etc.

The challenge for SME Company

Flexible licensing will be key issue for SME for market segmentation

The solution from Virbox
License Type: Developer can freely select license repository based on their Software application scenario: dongle, or cloud license(Lock), super administrator can assign/add several seats for person responsible for different role in Virbox LM (Virbox Developer Center), each person has different access right and are responsible for different role: Define sale template (Sale package), License Distribution or License update, etc. Super Administrator can also assign delegate person to get super Administrator access right in certain time period if necessary. Publisher also can empower promotion by Marketing Center functionality for sale promotion also.

The Benefit
SME Software Publisher can leverage Virbox protector and Virbox Developer Center or Developer Utility (Local License Manager)'s advantage and setup hosted Cloud License System and support flexible license strategy. It is much easier for publisher to enlarge market share and achieve sales growth from SME to large enterprise.


The challenge for Software Enterprise (ISV): Complicate product scenario and rich module and features for each product, product package and price offer needed to be special designed for each market segment for business agility and also to take care about software version update/upgrade.

The solution from Virbox: Developer may define different sales template and by calling Virbox API to design flexible product and license module in advance, one time protection and unlimited time to distribution to many software user. Developer also get retrieve usage information for future product development and software upgrade for up sell.

The Benefit: Tailor made solution to meet challenge for software application with dedicated license strategy in different industry and application scenario without build up on premise system. All software & IP are secured & well protected.


Virbox Provides tailor made solution if software developer has specified requirement to build up In House and Private Licensing Solution;

Virbox have launched Virbox Protector Standalone version lately; Virbox Protector Standalone will support developer to protect software IP and key algorithm with highly secured encryption/wrap mode and integrate the protected software with existed License Management system.

Virbox supports software developer to protect specific code or algorithm which need to be protected and executed in the hardware lock: Code Port to lock inside. Virbox provides sample and reference case to help developer to "Migrate" their key code to the hardware lock inside;

Virbox will provide necessary support to developer to integrate Virbox License System with existed CRM and ERP system and provide show case to developer for how to use the "Open-API" for integration.


Moway USB Dongle: Technical Specifications

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