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FAQ of TSFD Protection Toolkit Software, USB Copy Protection

Testing USB disks for USB Copy Protection Compatibility...

TSFD Protection Toolkit Software: Testing USB disks for USB Copy Protection Compatibility...

Testing USB disks for USB Copy Protection Compatibility requires compatible USB disks. The TSFD Protection Toolkit enables publishers to apply the copy protection on 3rd party USB disks. However, it is highly recommended to use TrusCont Secure Disks which offer the highest compatibility, copy protection level, and stability...

To Test a USB disks for USB Copy Protection Compatibility:

To test a USB disk for compatibility

  1. Open the TSFD Protection Toolkit
  2. Connect the USB disk(s) that you wish to test
  3. Select the option ‘Test USB disks for compatibility
  4. The TSFD Protection Toolkit automatically lists USB disks that are connected to your local PC. If your USB disk is not listed, you can click the ‘Scan’ button to manually scan for USB disks.
  5. Select a disk from the list in order to view its compatibility level and license status.

Compatibility test report

Compatibility test report

Possible compatibility levels

Possible compatibility levels


This feature is provided as a mean for testing potential compatibility. When using 3rd Party USB disks there is a small chance that a feature reported as compatible will still be inapplicable

  • 3rd Party USB disk reported be compatible with Hardware Based Protection are likely to be 100% functional and compatible with all features. However, some 3rd party USB disks that are reported as compatible with Hardware Based Protection may still exhibit the following problems:
    • Limited functionality – incompatibility with specific partition configurations, the write protection, or the copy protection features of the software.
    • Failure to write to the USB disk\
    • Missing or corrupted data even after a successful write
  • A batch of USB disks can contain disks that are compatible with Hardware Based Protection and disks that are compatible only with software-based protection, even if all the flash drives are of the same brand and model. USB Flash Drive manufacturers often change parts and firmware versions during a product lifetime without necessarily changing its model, part number, etc.

The license status

the license status

USB Copy Protection...

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