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Benefits of USB Copy Protection

Benefits for USB Copy Protection...

Aft India USB Copy Protection provides a large selection of media files and modern secure flash drive, USB Mass Storage Device(Generic USB Flash Disk) and pendrive dongle for sale. We also offer anticopy software...

USB Copy Protection, Protect USB Drive from be Copied, llegal copy, distribution and breaching of your intellectual properties and presentation material contents from being misused.

Benefits and Advantage of USB Mass Storage Device (Generic USB Flash Disk):

  • Anti copy protection - YES
  • Enhanced hardware-based protection - NO
  • Write protection - NO
  • Supports huge projects (> 64GB) - NO
  • Supports huge files (> 4GB) - NO
  • Anti malware - NO
  • License protection - NO

Benefits and Advantage of TrusCont Secure Flash Drive:

  • Anti copy protection - YES
  • Enhanced hardware-based protection - YES
  • Write protection - YES
  • Supports huge projects (> 64GB) - YES
  • Supports huge files (> 4GB) - YES
  • Anti malware - YES
  • License protection - YES

Multi Level Copy Protection

  • In addition to the authentication process, TSFD Protection Toolkit guarantees data protection by disabling many functions, such as copy & paste, screen capture, and printing options.
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit is protected in three-levels of copy protection technologyâ€ôDigital Signature, File Encryption, and Anti-Crack.
  • Contents are fully secured from any kind of security breach, such as disc to disc copies, cracking, and etc.
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit can save encrypted files, distinguish between assigned/unassigned PCs, and require authorization process.
  • Confidential files can be saved in hidden security area of the USB device, in which
    the users may not access without going through a strict authentication process.
  • Encrypted application files and the USB devices are protected from various types of cracking and/or hacking.

User friendly

  • TSFD Protection Toolkit provides convenient, yet strong copy protection for any user.
  • Authentication process is done by instantly analyzing Digital Signature embedded in the USB device; therefore, online authentication is not required.
  • Original contents are not modified during the encryption process, meaning the chance of system errors occurring is minimized.
  • Encrypted files can be viewed with standard viewers. (i.e., no special viewer required)
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit is developed to be fully compatible with clients’ existing internal
    security systems.
  • Unlike any other secure USB, users are not required to install any program to use
    TSFD Protection Toolkit.
  • The access level can be customized to meet each customer’s specific security needs.
  • Administrator/Developer: Toolkit with advanced features and easy-to-use User Interface
    is provided.
  • End-User: Users are not required to install any additional driver or application to use
    TSFD Protection Toolkit.
  • There is no need for an additional installation CD/DVD because the installation files can
    be saved in TSFD Protection Toolkit protected USB, and the USB device can be formatted and deliver new/updated applications.

Technical Scale

  • Various types of solutions can be provided to clients.
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit is protected both online and offline, maximizing the effectiveness of data protection.
  • Data can be restored using previously created backup even when the device is lost.
  • Different security options can be configured for each encrypted file format.
  • Customized data protection solutions are available.
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit supports most Windows OS, including 64 bit.
  • TSFD Protection Toolkit does not require any additional USB reader or other connection device.


  • More than 220 million TSFD Protection Toolkit produced for more than 1,314 businesses from 2009 to 2020.
  • TrusCont's R&D engineers continuously develop and upgrade TSFD Protection Toolkit copy protection technology to stay as an outstanding leader in the industry.

More Benefits for USB Copy Protection

  • Copy protect files on USB: files stored in USB drives cannot be copied to other folders or drives.
  • Prevent illegal deletion: files cannot be deleted from USB drive disks or modified without permission.
  • Disable print & save as: copy protected files in USB drives cannot be printed or save as from the disk.
  • Set expiry date: Administrator is able to restrict the visiting time span for specific USB drive user.
  • Restrict using days: certain user can only visit the copy protected files for certain number of times which are set by the administrator.
  • Support all USB drives: copy protect USB flash drive, pen drive, thumb drive, memory stick, memory card, HDD hard drive and other external USB storage drive disks.
  • Support multiple formats: copy control a wide range of formats, such as native application .NET, image, audio, video, office documents, PDF, exe and other major media formats.

TSFD Protection Toolkit application is an advanced digital copyright protection solution for files on all kinds of USB drives.

TrusCont TSFD Protection Toolkit â€ô an USB copyright solution for prevent unauthorized copy and duplication of files in USB drives. It allows USB disk owners to control and again access permissions on USB drives through many ways and supports copy protection for files from office documents, audios, videos, exe files, PDF files to other major formats. Without permission of the administrator, a regular user can only open and view the file content and have no right to copy, paste, delete, print or save as any file in the protected USB drive.

Advanced configurations of USB Copy protection by TSFD Protection Toolkit offer multi-layers of protection so that you will never need to worry about piracy, cracking and illegal copy of your valuable files.

USB Copy Protection File Formats:

  1. Books & Documents: PDF, DJVU
  2. Web Contents, Flash Animations & Applications: HTML, Java Scripts, SWF/Flash, FLV
    Pictures & Images: JPG, PNG, GIF
  3. Audio files: MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV
  4. Video files: ASF, AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4, M4V, FLV, etc.
  5. DICOM (Digital Images and Communications in Medicine): DCM, DIC, IMA, NEMA

Proprietary & and other file formats: Supports almost any data type. Easily configurable in TrusCont software.

Note: USB Copy Protection by TSFD Protection Toolkit is continually updating supported file types. Contact us for special projects or to double check a supported format.

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