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MOWAY's Software Development Kit - Free Download┬Ž:

Elite5 SDK - DownloadŽ:


* This is a Windows Version, for Linux & Mac version, please contact us.

* Software Developer do not need to download Virbox User License Tool




  • Registration in Virbox Developer Center and download Virbox SDK. For Virbox SDK Windows 64 Bit version, Linux and MAC version, Please contact us.
    You can download trial SDK to evaluate Virbox Protect Functions and how to issue license to different repository; Please note, trial version SDK will only be used to trial and evaluation, pls apply to upgrade to Virbox Standard developer when evaluation and trial successful, you will get unique SDK package designed for you to official launch your software to your customer.


  • Install Virbox SDK in your computer, following components will be installed: Virbox Protector, DSProtector, Virbox Developer Utility (Local License Manager), Virbox User License Tools and Support documents, etc.


  • Define your product and License ID in Virbox Developer Center (Virbox LM) or in Virbox Developer Utility (Virbox Local License Manager).


  • Protect APP with compression, Obfuscation will be used for key code/functions and executed in VM environment, code fragment (Code snippet) also be used which dramatically increased workload and makes cracking impossible; data file can be encrypted and protected; all above methods makes hacker's tools becomes invalid, include static debug tools: IDA Pro, DNSPY, dynamic debug tools: OllyDbg, WinDbg etc. Use Virbox Protector to protect your software, you can select different protection mode to do evaluation and test.


  • License issued through Virbox Developer Center (For soft License or Cloud License Issue), or use Vibox Developer Utility to issue license to dongle (Virbox EL5 Acme) 1) Create License ID; 2) Create Sales Template(you can create multi sales template for different sales modes to different market segment. 3) Issue the Cloud License or Soft License to Software User.


  • Archive your protected software together with Virbox User License Tool by using software archive tools, and deliver this package to software user.


  • Install this software package in another computer (software user desktop): if you have issued Cloud License to your software user, the system will pop up with window to sign in Virbox User Account, you need to login Virbox Cloud account (Virbox LM) (to be a License User) and then you can get license issued and verified accordingly and run the protected software successfully; For Offline environment, if you have Soft License into this account, please contact us for the detail license verification steps. If you have Virbox hardware lock (Virbox EL5 Acme) in hand, please insert EL5 Acme into the USB slot of your computer, the system will verify your license issued to hardware lock (EL5 Acme) automatically.

When trial Evaluation is successful, you can apply to upgrade to be "Standard developer" in Virbox Developer Center (Virbox Cloud License Manager and Server) and download Unique SDK package which can be use for your software to commercial launch.

Software Protection and License Dongles...

  • Moway USB dongle
  • EL5_Master
  • EL5_256K_STD
  • EL5_512_ULT
  • EL5_256K_RTCC
  • EL5_512K_RTCC
  • EL5_256K_Genii
  • EL5_512K_Genii
  • EL5_256K_Acme
  • EL5_256K_Acme_Rtcc
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