Dongle based software protection solutions

Software Protection Solutions/ Dongle based software protection...

Software protection with usb dongle solutions provides a large selection of USB dongles and best software protection dongle solution provider for Windows/Linux/Mac users...

Software protection key dongle solutions provides a professional Industry Solutions, Construction Industry, CAD software protection, GPS / GIS, Gaming Industry, Industrial Automation, Digital Resource Protection, For Mobile, IT Security Solutions, Software protection & Licensing, Anti-Piracy license management solution provider for Windows/Linux/Mac users.

Dongle based software protection solutions:

  • Construction Industry
  • CAD software protection
  • GPS / GIS
  • Gaming Industry
  • Industrial Automation
  • Digital Resource Protection
  • For Mobile
  • IT Security Solutions
  • Software protection & Licensing
  • Anti-Piracy license management solution

We provide professional copy protection, copy protect software for USB pendrive dongle flash stick, DRM & anti-piracy, software protection dongle, data security, video file encryption, duplicators and duplication service provider for publishers, software developers, content publishers and software industry.

Aft India Copy protection software services for USB pendrive dongle flash stick and download, methods used to protect and encrypted software .net applications, c++,, exe file, video, video games, audio, ebook, pc games, copy uncopyable text (pdf document), excel workbook file, word documents, music, data, mp3, file/folder, java application from piracy.

Free Trial & Buy for Software Developer, Software Publisher, video publisher company in Software Copyright & IP Protection and License Entitlement Management. Aft India also offers software protection dongle solutions from usb flash drive copy protection for your intellectual software property from piracy that may result in huge buisness and profit loss.

Make Software Protection with more Security

Multi layers encryption/protection and dynamics Anti-Debug, Anti-Reverse Engineering and Anti-Hacker Service protection Technologies makes the SOFTWARE be protected with more safety and security.

Make Hard Things Easy

Software Protection Dongle Solution supports Software Developer to simplify Software Encryption/Protection and License Entitlement Process: Select & Click.

Industry Solution:

Software protection dongle solution are widely deployed in Architecture, CAD, GPS/GIS, Gaming, Automatic and embedding equipment, POS, Medical, Video surveillance industry in India and worldwide.

Construction Industry

Virbox Protector, the outstanding software wrapping tools, dramatically reduce the risk of software cracking and piracy, can improve the software developer operation efficiency and reduce the cost of software protection. With the flexible licensing mode provided by Software Protection Dongle Solution, the Software Publisher who provide construction IT Software are able to package their software products in different sales package with different product portfolio and it will help developers to promote the software products in different market segment with flexible price scenario. Software Protection Dongle Solution are widely used to protect and licensing the construction software and cover full process when construction and engineering company from BIM, Budgeting, BOM, Project Management area. EL5 dongle are widely used since most of construction software be used in offline environment on site.

CAD software Protection

Virbox Protector was specially designed for CAD software for the ARX protection to ensure relevant libs, functions and code not be cracked. Large storage space of Virbox EL5 Acme(dongle) allows CAD software developer to issue licenses with various software modules. Select the Virbox EL5 Acme dongle, the excellent software protection dongle, you will get the total Software Protection Dongle Solutions to protect your CAD software with state of art the technology and future-proofed solution for your business.


Besides of high security software protection to GPS and GIS software by Software Protection Dongle solution, key advantage for Software Protection Dongle Solution provides to GPS/GIS software developer are Network Licensing, Soft License mode to potential GPS/GIS customer, these license mode will help developer to sell software to military and other sensitive departments better.

Usually, the GPS/GIS software is expensive and it is difficult for some customer to purchase perpetual licenses for whole software package, they just need to use these software in certain time of period, with subscription license mode, GPS/GIS software developer has capability to sale Software Protection Dongle to some customer with time limitation and get more sales opportunities from the customer not afford expensive charge for perpetual licenses.

Gaming Industry

With combination of Code Snippet and call dedicate API functions, The Game software developer will get the top level security to protect Game Software and also keep best performance when the protected game are executed.

With variety of Software Protection Dongle security technology, includes Virbox service embedded, Anti-Hacker Engine, It provides continuously dynamic protection to Game Software.

With Low time latency (less 10ms) of license validation, Unity3D developer engine and other feature for Game Developer and Software User, Software Protection Dongle Game solution will provide best experience for both Game Software Developer and Software User.

With DS Protector functionality, the Game Resources can also be well protected; Support Games developed by Unity 3D and UE4.

Industrial Automation

Software Protection Dongle Solution, EL5 Acme, Soft License, are widely used in Industrial Automation area, includes Software protection in embedding system in different industry, Hardware expansion via license expansion, Software Upgrade by License update, etc.

Digital Resource Protection

With plug in components (DS Protector), Software Protection Dongle supports to protect digital resources as needed, including, Movie, Audio, Unity 3D/UE4 resources and also including following program language:

Lua, Python, Java and many other languages, for more details information please contact with us.

Software Protection Dongle Licensing Solutions...

Software copy protection service...

We provide software copy protection service to TARGET SOFTWARE DEVELOPER,Software Publisher may put all resource and focus to software and business development and leave software protection and licensing to Virbox LM, Virbox LM will help you to solve all everything.