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Software Protection Dongle/ dongle for software protection...

Software Protection Dongle provides dongle for software protection through Moway & Elite5 types of dongles. Copy protect the computer programs for software industry at low cost of USB hardware key device...

Software Protection Dongle offers MOWAY and ELITE5 USB protection dongles, both are USB security key used to protect and license to an application by a dongle based software protection uses a physical device for your software industry from piracy, that may result in huge buisness and profit loss.

Dongle for software protection:

Dongle based software protection:

A usb dongle software protection device is integrated with software and used to protect and license an application. Dongle for software protection uses a physical device, commonly known as a dongle, USB security key.

A) These software security dongle device is used by Moway and ELITE5 for software and content protection.
B) This Device (DONGLE) needs to be present on a USB Port while running protected software or data file.


    • RRTC - smart dongle with Rechargeable Real Time Clock
    • ACME - most powerful smart dongle
    • Genii - small tiny and powerful hardware model
    • ACME RRTC - built-in clock chip inside - Rechargeable real time clock

Where to buy software protection dongle?

It is essential for software developers to have software license protection to protect their software intellectual property from reverse engineering or piracy. Aft India offers a software protection dongle types of durable and software developer friendly licensing protection product. You can rely on our advance anti-cracking and license defense features that will ensure only your customer can access your software. Buy Moway USB Dongle for Software protection Online at Low Price

Software protection dongle: Moway USB Dongle

Moway USB Dongle is the latest hardware lock (Software Protection Dongle) for software protection with easy to use, software protection dongle cost effective functions to software developer. Equipped with 32 bits smart card inside and security level up to CC EAL4+, Moway I supports multi advanced encryption algorithm to protect software and also provides large data storage capacity (varies from 8K/32K) to store and protect the license and critical data; Moway I supports HMAC identity authentication, Remote upgrade, Driverless mode and be flexible used in different scenario. In cooperate with Moway I Virbox Protector and other toolkits, Software developer will be easily and quickly to complete the highly secured software protection scheme to safeguard their software program far away from piracy.

Software protection dongle: Elite 5 USB Dongle

ELITE5 USB dongle is a powerful Smart USB dongle protection for software (Software Protection Dongle) device for software industry protection and software protection key dongle management solution.

The ELITE5 is the latest version & future proofing of smart dongle designed for software protection with usb dongle and licensing key for software publishers, it can be either work independently like traditional dongle or works with the Virbox LM to provide top level security guarantee for software be protected.

ELITE5 integrated with software protection with usb dongle top latest 32 bits ARM smart chipset and security level up to CC EAL5+ with execution speed up to 50MIPS, it contains secured RAM and flash memory which makes software dynamically be encrypted in different level via Virtual Machine Environment, Code Fragmentation Execution, Anti-Hacker Shield Technology, ELITE 5 provides Anti-Hacker Engine, Anti-Reverse Engineering, Code Fragmentation technology to software vendor to protect software and IP respectively.

USB dongle software protection device solution...

Aft India software protection solution are widely deployed in Architecture, CAD, GPS/GIS, Gaming, Automatic and embedding equipment, POS, Medical, Video surveillance industry in India and worldwide.

Software Developer, Software Publisher may put all resource and focus to software and business development and leave software protection and licensing to Moway and Elite 5 and Software Licensing will help you to solve all everything.

We provide universal Solution for software developer to protect Software & IP and provides flexible License Entitlement Management Solution to Software vendor for customized software sales package for different market segment. It provides multi-layer protection to software, support license type includes dongle, software license and cloud based license with all kinds of license mode.

Besides our solution, Aft India also offer following software product, Solution and Service to Software developer, publisher or ISV: Virbox Protector Standalone; Virbox AHS; Hardware Vendors Solution/Products; Mobile APP Harden and Coding Protection Solution.

Software protection dongle from usb flash drive:

Software protection dongle from usb flash drive provides powerful hardware based security for video/software and data/media multimedia files. Copy protection for USB flash drives is much more than a copy protection system. It includes features that turn USB flash drives into powerful publishing media. Strong anti-copy protection for software, video and data files tightly binds your files to the USB flash drive hardware.

Dongle for software protection...

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Why? explains Software Protection...

In the software industry, the idea of copy protection is proved to be a good strategy for stopping software piracy.

Authors, developers, publishers and artists who release their works only as copy-protected materials have been urged to consider their decisions very carefully. However, many publishers, authors and artists have experienced unauthorized copying and huge loss. To protect their materials, they have sought copy protection against unsanctioned copying by consumers. Although it is easy for anyone to copy anything with the right amount of creativity and a little technical savvy, copy protection is designed to discourage users through various measures. Developers are employed to come up with these measures to protect artists intellectual property.

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What is a software protection dongle?

Software protection dongle - Wikipedia

A software protection dongle (commonly known as a dongle or key) is an electronic copy protection and content protection device. When connected to a computer or other electronics, they unlock software functionality or decode content.[1] The hardware key is programmed with a product key or other cryptographic protection mechanism and functions via an electrical connector to an external bus of the computer or appliance.[2]

In software protection, dongles are two-interface security tokens with transient data flow with a pull communication that reads security data from the dongle. In the absence of these dongles, certain software may run only in a restricted mode, or not at all. Apart from software protection, dongles can enable functions in electronic devices, such as receiving and processing encoded video streams on television sets.

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