Rockey4ND USB Dongle: Software Dongle/Software Protection/Hardware Lock Dongle

Rockey4ND USB Dongle...

Rockey4ND USB Dongle: Software Dongle/Software Protection/Hardware Lock Dongle...

Rockey4ND USB Dongle is a globally popular line of USB hardware keys, also called dongles, or HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy), offering copy protection of your Windows, Linux or Mac software, data and media files. A High Performance Software Program Encryption Device. ROCKEY4ND offers query-response mechanism. NetROCKEY4ND protects your software in the entire LAN for the price of a single dongle.

Discover the Rockey4ND USB Dongle: Your Ultimate Software Protection Solution:


Description of Rockey4ND USB Dongle

The ROCKEY4ND access security is controlled by a two levels 64bits password set. The passwords cannot be modified. The universal unique Hardware ID and developer definable User ID allow developer to restrict the software license to particular dongle and customer. One ROCKEY4ND can control 64 different applications. User defined algorithms can be executed in runtime to achieve challenge-response authentication. From ready to use enveloper tool to programming APIs, ROCKEY4ND can support both very simplistic but effective protection methods, and much more complex schemes to achieve very high level of security.

NetROCKEY4ND is the network version of the ROCKEY4ND. It not only supports TCP/IP, IPX and NETBIOS protocols, but also provides a server-based network service program. Developers only need to write programs for client end. Multiple servers, PCs and users are supported. Every module of NetROCKEY4ND can support up to 65534 clients at the same time while the service program remains protected from modification and immune to viruses.

Rockey4ND Products:

  1. ROCKEY4ND offers query-response mechanism. An Enhanced Driverless..
  2. NetROCKEY4ND protects your software in the entire LAN for the price of a single dongle.

Multiple applications protection
ROCKEY4ND is specifically designed to protect multiple applications or application with multiple modules. You can protect up to 64 applications or application modules according to your protection strategy.

Driverless technology
The most applauded advantage of ROCKEY4ND is its driverless feature. It is designed as a HID device so that it does not require drivers to run under all platforms.

Both Shell and API protection
ROCKEY4ND Shell protection provides as easy as a click-of-a-button way to protect .EXE and .DLL files. API integration offers the highest levels of protection and greater levels of flexibility in designing security with your own code. A full set of API sample codes in most popular programming languages are provided for ROCKEY4ND.

Multiple development platforms
ROCKEY4ND provides you the ability to implement security for your software application on a range of the most popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MAC. Sample codes of the most popular environment like Microsoft Visual Basic, C++ and .NET etc. are provided too to make API development a simple copy-and-paste job.

Features of Rockey4ND Hardware Features

  • ROCKEY4ND Internal Structure: At the core of Rockey4ND is a specialized CPU with a USB interface. It supports the USB 1.0 standard and is compatible with USB 2.0 standard. In addition to the CPU is a non-volatile memory chip that can save your data in the event of a power loss. The ROCKEY4ND functions are divided into User, Module and Algorithm zones. The developer may store important information (such as an application serial number) inside the dongle. You can write to the ROCKEY4ND dongle as many as 100,000 times – there is no appreciable limit on the numbers of reads. The Rockey4ND chip supports special functions for random number generation, seed code generation and user defined algorithm interpretation.
  • ROCKEY4ND Hardware Interface: ROCKEY4ND USB supports USB Standard 1.1. At the most 16 USB dongles can attach to a computer with a USB extension HUB. The LED of Rockey4ND USB indicates the status of the dongle. (In a normal state after the dongle is attached to the computer the LED will be on all the time. If the LED blinks it indicates that the driver is not installed. Other LED responses indicate hardware failure.)

Main Features of Rockey4ND USB Dongle

  • USB Non-driver Device under Windows, Linux and MAC (LPT model also available)
  • Easy to Use Enveloper Solutions to Protect Windows PE (.exe, .dll), Flash Media, NET and Linux Applications
  • Universal Unique Hardware ID. Developer Definable User ID
  • 64 Modules to Control 64 Different Applications.
  • 128 Algorithms to Achieve Challenge-Response Authentication.
  • Remote Update Solution Saves the Cost in Maintenance Role.
  • Samples available for BCB, Delphi, FoxPro, PowerBuilder, Python, MatLab, Visual Basic, VBA, Visual C++, C etc.
  • 2 levels-4 groups (basic password & advanced password) password management mechanism, i.e. developer password and end-user password.
  • Hardware implemented random number generator.
  • Multiple software programming interfaces such as ASM, ASP/PHP, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Python, MatLab, Unity 3D, Fortran, Java, RealBasic, Oracle, SQL2000, FoxPro, VB, VBA, VC, C# and VB.NET etc.
  • OS Platform supports Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32bits & 64bits), WinCE (x86), Linux and macOS etc.
  • Compliant with CE and FCC standards

Supplied with SDK.

Benefits of Rockey4ND USB Dongle

  1. Compact Design – The dongle is compact and portable.
  2. High Speed -- Rockey4ND was designed to process even very complex algorithms with minimal delay for your application. Users will typically notice no degradation in application performance as a result of ROCKY4ND being implemented.
  3. Ease of Use – ROCKY4ND’s reduced API set simplifies the programming effort in implementing API calls within your code, and the Envelope program has also been improved for increased security with the release of ROCKEY4ND. Developers lead time in implementing ROCKEY4ND is vastly reduced, saving both time and costs in deploying security into your software.
  4. High Security Levels – Redesigned ROCKEY4ND offers a much higher level of security over previous version. ROCKEY4ND implements a two level security system to segregate users who require read only access from those who require administrative privileges. ROCKEY4ND has a built in time gate to prevent software tracking and is powerful enough to support developer defined algorithms that brings software protection to a new level of security.
  5. High Reliability – AFTINDIA employs an advanced customers managing system for Rockey4ND USB Dongle. We guarantee that the password of every customer is unique and that the hardware ID of every dongle is also unique. The password and hardware ID are burnt into the CPU, it is absolutely impossible to change, even for us—the manufacturer.
  6. Broad Support for Operating Systems -- Rockey4ND protected applications may run on: Windows 98 SE/ME/2000 /XP/2003; Linux; MAC.
  7. Abundant Programming Language Interfaces -- Rockey4ND provides interfaces for these common development tools: PB, DELPHI, VFP, VB, VC, C++ BUILDER and etc.

Specification of Rockey4ND / NetRockey4ND USB Dongle


FAQ of Rockey4ND / NetRockey4ND USB Dongle

What is ROCKEY4ND USB Dongle?

ROCKEY4ND USB Dongle is a driverless dongle (ND-Non Driver). It has Unique Hardware ID with approximately I KB of memory and time gate mechanism to prevent software tracing. It supports user defined algorithms, API Controls, Envelop Softwarefor direct encryption of Windos executable files(.exe, .dll, data files) and a random data transfer mechanism to make dongle simulation attacks ineffective. it supports both very simplistic buy very effective protection methods and much more complex schemes to achieve very high level of security.

What is NetROCKEY4ND USB Dongle?

NetROCKEY4ND USB Dongle extends the software protection features of ROCKEY4ND to the networks. It supports TCP/IP, IPX and NetBIOS protocols across networks; offer user-defined algorithms, Envelops Encryption, time checking functions.
It provides a server based network service program-Developers only need to write programs for client-end; includes enhanced graphical interface tools, supports multiple servers, multiple PCs and multiple users for the same code dongles. Every module of NetROCKEY4ND dongle can support at most 65534 clients at the same time while the service programs remains protected from modification and immune to viruses.

What does a software dongle do?

A software dongle USB is a hardware-based electronic copy protection device. When connected to a computer, it can be used to unlock content and software functionality. Modern dongles include advanced encryption to prevent hacking and content from being stolen.

Why Rockey4ND USB Dongle?


Absolutely, you've emphasized the "highly-reliable" nature of the ROCKEY4ND hardware dongle, which is a critical feature for software developers who rely on robust protection for their products. This trustworthiness under varying environmental conditions is a significant advantage.

Furthermore, the continuous improvement and development of the ROCKEY4ND system based on extensive experience in software protection technologies highlight your dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Additionally, you've invited readers to explore more detailed specifications, which adds transparency and enables potential users to delve deeper into the capabilities of the ROCKEY4ND system. This is an excellent approach to provide potential customers with in-depth information about your product.


The flexibility of the ROCKEY4ND hardware dongle is a standout feature. Its driverless design ensures seamless operation across Windows, Linux, and MAC platforms, reducing compatibility concerns for users.

Recognizing the diverse nature of software security needs, ROCKEY4ND provides a spectrum of solutions. On one hand, it offers a user-friendly Shell protection tool for simplicity. On the other, it supplies a comprehensive library of sample codes in widely used programming languages, empowering developers to integrate advanced custom security measures directly into their source codes.

The inclusion of the ROCKEY4ND enveloper tool significantly extends the dongle's capabilities. This tool enables protection for up to 64 applications or application modules, as well as data files. This adaptability addresses the varied software protection requirements of today's dynamic landscape.

Furthermore, the ROCKEY4ND system's ability to secure software across networks further establishes it as a robust and reliable solution for safeguarding valuable intellectual property. This feature is particularly essential in an era of increasing connectivity and collaboration.

Overall, the ROCKEY4ND hardware dongle offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of software protection technologies. Its flexibility makes it an invaluable asset for developers seeking reliable and customizable security solutions.


Rockey4ND USB Dongle for Unmatched Software Protection...

Enhance Software Security with Rockey4ND USB Dongle: The Ultimate Software Protection Solution...

The Rockey4ND USB Dongle offers unparalleled software security, serving as the ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuable software. With its advanced technology and robust hardware lock features, this dongle provides a reliable shield against unauthorized access and software piracy. By integrating the Rockey4ND USB Dongle, you can ensure the protection of your software, giving you peace of mind and empowering you to focus on innovation and business growth.

Rockey dongles offer anti-piracy of Software application to protect your programs piracy against un-authorized copying, piracy and distribution software. Rockey4ND USB Dongle is a HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) protection device. It has Smart card chip based, Its design of hardware provides complete protection mechanism and high level of integration, which is remarkable comparing to usual MCU chip. Automatic shell encryption tool, The enveloper tool can protect the executable program with well-designed shell encryption technique. No extra developing work is required.

  1. Multiple software programming interfaces such as ASM, ASP/PHP, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Python, MatLab, Unity 3D, Fortran, Java, RealBasic, Oracle, SQL2000, FoxPro, VB, VBA, VC, C# and VB.NET etc.
  2. OS Platform supports Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32bits & 64bits), WinCE (x86), Linux and macOS etc.

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