Digital Content Copy Protection on USB Flash Drives

Digital Content Copy Protection on USB Flash Drives Now Available From Aft India...

Copy protection solution for USB flash drives is now available from Aft India. Copy control, Read only partitions, CD-ROM emulation, Autorun support, time limit option and high capacity are some of the features that make TrusCont Secure Flash Drive an ideal solution for publishing digital content such as software and documents...

The increasing capacity and performance of USB Flash Drives and their popularity among the personal computer users make the USB flash drives an attractive method for publishing software, documents and other digital contents. TrusCont Secure Flash Drive (TSFD) was designed specifically for these emerging needs. The TSFD is a combination of a USB dongle and a high capacity USB flash drive. Software, documents or promotional materials can be published on a read only partition of the TSFD which prevents the end users from altering, erasing or copying the publishers' contents. Publishers have the option of several layers of protection from anti-copy, anti-rip, time stamp (time limit), password protection, copy & paste and printing protection options.

The remaining capacity of the TSFD not consumed by the publishers' contents can be made available on a separate read/write partition for general use. CD-ROM emulation and "Autorun" are additional important features of the TSFD that enable automatic launch of the publishers' software upon connection to the end user's computer.

Distributing software and documents such as technical documentation, manuals, data sheets and eBooks using TrusCont Secure Flash Drives assures publishers that their content is secured from unauthorized copy and use. Protected software can run only when the original TSFD is connected to the local computer. Publishers of documents such as e-books and technical manuals now have the means to distribute reading and reference materials while restricting the readers from altering, copying or misusing their content in any other way. The flexibility of TrusCont document protection system also allows the publishers to enable or restrict specific actions such as printing and copy & paste for each individual document.

The TSFD is also good news for USB Flash Drives vendors and manufacturers that suffer from falling margins and loss of profitability due to the high competition. TSFD can be the new added value solution they keep looking for.

TrusCont Secure Flash Drives are available in India and are now distributed in the India by Aft India. "We are pleased to offer TrusCont Secure Flash Drive to our customers," said Aftab Alam, proprietor at Aft India. "The TSFD is a hardware based software and documents security solution and a high capacity USB flash drive in one device."

Mr. Aftab Alam continued, "TSFD is the ideal solution for content owners seeking a cost effective, portable and secure media for delivering their content. Software developers, specialty publishers, schools, government and military service providers and virtually anyone wishing to copy protect their intellectual property, are ideal candidates for TrusCont Secure Flash Drive."

About TrusCont:
Started in 2007, TrusCont develops and markets copy protection and digital rights management solutions worldwide. TrusCont cooperate with leading hardware and media manufactures for delivering cutting edge security and publishing solutions for digital content.

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The TrusCont Secure Flash Drive - TSFD is a hardware based software and documents security solution and a high capacity USB flash drive in one device.