Copy Protection: Copy Protect USB Pendrive Flash Stick Dongle

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Copy Protection: Copy Protect USB Pendrive Flash Stick Dongle

Copy Protection: copy protection software USB Pendrive Dongle

We provide copy protection software and copy protection solutions for Windows, Android, Apple Mac users

AftIndia is a professional provider of copy protection products and solutions of security & publishing solutions to meet your needs. Copy protect your games, software, data files and virtualjly any data type. Securely deliver to your customers on DVDs, USB Flash Drives, HDD, Diskless or via the Internet.

Copy Protection Softwares


  • Copy protection software
  • Copy protection software for USB
  • Copy protection software for CD and DVD
  • Copy protection software for SD Card
  • Copy protection USB
  • Copy protection DVD

Ready Copy protected and Encypted Hardware

Copy Protection Software: TSFD Protection Toolkit

Use this software for protecting and duplicating data on compatible flash drives. The TSFD Protection Toolkit duplicates flash drives one at a time. You can still connect multiple flash drives. The software will automatically protect and duplicate the connected flash drives sequentially.

TSFD Protection Toolkit allow you to encrypt and protect almost any data type including EXE, PDF documents, HTML pages, flash applications and SWF, image files (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.), audio & video files (MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV, etc.) and many other file formats. You can even protect your own proprietary file formats.

Copy Protection Software: Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit

The Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit is an easy to use, wizard like software for protecting files and creating the virtual disks. Software for protecting files and creating protected virtual disks that can be delivered to end users online. Deliver to customers on any physical media or make available for download via the internet.


Copy Protection Products

  • Encryption Software: TSFD Protection Toolkit
  • Encryption Software: Virtual Disk Protection Toolkit
  • Encryption Software: DVD Protection Toolkit
  • Encryption Software: ASDA Video Protector
  • Encryption Software: TCPS Duplication Software
Copy Protection Solutions
  • Solutions: Software protection
  • Solutions: Data protection
  • Solutions: Duplication Solutions
  • Solutions: USB Copy Protection
  • Solutions: DVD Copy Protection
  • Solutions: Diskless Copy Protection
  • Solutions: Video Copy Protection
  • Services: CD/DVD/USB Duplication, Replication, printing, packaging
Video Guides & How-tos
  • Video Guides: Software protection
  • Video Guides: Data copy protection


What is copy protection?

Copy protection, also known as content protection, copy prevention and copy restriction, is any effort designed to prevent the reproduction of software, films, music, and other media, usually for copyright reasons.[1] Various methods have been devised to prevent reproduction so that companies will gain benefit from each person who obtains an authorized copy of their product. Unauthorized copying and distribution accounted for $2.4 billion in lost revenue in the United States alone in the 1990s,[2] and is assumed to be causing impact on revenues in the music and the game industry, leading to proposal of stricter copyright laws such as PIPA. Some methods of copy protection have also led to criticisms because it caused inconvenience for honest consumers, or it secretly installed additional or unwanted software to detect copying activities on the consumer's computer. Making copy protection effective while protecting consumer rights is still an ongoing problem with media publication.