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DinkeyProManual/ Dinkey dongle Introduction, Overview

DinkeyProManual/ Dinkey dongle Introduction, Overview...

Dinkey Pro dongle and Dinkey FD dongle manual for Developer's Guide...

A Dinkey dongle is a small piece of hardware which is part of a sophisticated system designed to protect your
software from illegal copying. You can lock your software to a dongle so that each time you run your protected
program, it will check for the presence of the dongle. If the right dongle is found, the program will be executed,
otherwise it will not run...

Dinkey Pro and Dinkey FD - Developer's Guide...

  1. Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • Dinkey Pro Features List
  • Dinkey FD Features List
  • How This Manual is Organised
  1. Understanding Software Protection
  • Introduction
  • Dongle Emulation
  • Replacing your Protected DLL / Plugin
  • Software Patching
  1. Quick Tour
  • Protecting a Sample Program
  • Modifying Protection Parameters