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USB Drives Manufacturing, Printing, Packaging, Copy Protection, Encryption

USB Manufacturing, Printing, Packaging, Copy Protection, Encryption

Aft India production service provides custom designs for USB flash drives with copy protection, DRM, encryption features during manufacturing includes printing, packaging.

Looking for a complete production service? Not a problem, USB Flash Drives Wholesale, Customize It - 100% Custom USB Drives, High quality chipsets, Professional customization and printing, New and innovative USB flash drives, Custom designs for USB flash drives, USB packagings fully customized and ship directly to your doorstep.

USB Flash/Pen Drive Manufacturing, Printing, Packaging, Copy Protection, Encryption:

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USB Flash Drive 2.0

  • Plastic housing
  • Metal housing
  • Leather housing
  • Credit-Card housing
  • Pen housing
  • Customer model
  • Wooden housing

USB Flash Disk


USB Flash Drives Wholesale
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High quality chipsets
Professional customization and printing
New and innovative USB flash drives


Customize It - 100% Custom USB Drives
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All you can imagine – we can design and realize!

Custom designs for USB flash drives
2D/3D rubber, metal and plastic molds
USB packagings fully customized


About Aft India

Aft India offers and provides copy protection and license control solutions for software, video and virtually any other content. Since we effectively and reliably secure the valuable properties of our large and small clients. Aft India offers a complete suite of anti-piracy and secure content delivery solutions that help publishers protect their products and maximize revenues. Our products offer unparalleled quality in both strength and ease of use. The streamlined product design and robust yet versatile anti-piracy DRM technology allow you to protect virtually any type of data online and on offline media in minutes. Video games, software, documents, drawings, images, audio files, offline web pages and even proprietary file formats can all be protected with just a few mouse clicks. No programming skills required whatsoever. DVDs, USB flash drives, the Internet – no matter how you chose to deliver your content, you can benefit from the same outstanding feature-rich data protection and your customers can enjoy the same unified user experience.

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  • Software protect on USB pen drives
  • Software protect on CD/DVD
  • Software protect and deliver online
  • Data protect on USB pen drives
  • Data protect and deliver online
  • Video protect on microSD Cards
  • Encryption and copy protection
Software and data copy protection...

Protect your software and data with powerful technology in 5 minutes! Maximize revenues and protect your business' good name and reputation. Grow your business with Aft India