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Video-DVD Copy Protection Duplicator

Video-DVD Copy Protection Duplicator...

Video-DVD Copy Protection Duplicator for your DVD-video .vob files published on DVD recordable discs...

Copy protection duplicator for DVD-Video prevent software piracy.

DVD Copy Protection Duplicator...

DVD-Video AntiRip copy protection solution helps content owners sell more discs by reliably preventing unauthorized copying from common ripping... Protect against 1:1 sector copies; Best anti ripping available against all ripping tools; Create protected DVDs without authoring changes; Protects all Video DVDs... Copy Protection for Video DVD-Rs, Copy protect your Video DVDs against illegal copies and sharing to increase your sales. Copy protection for mass manufacturing Video-DVD copy protection is today’s leading copy protection system in terms of effectiveness, compatibility and ease of integration to protect select titles against copying and ripping.

Copy Protected DVD Duplicator

Video-DVD Copy Protection Duplicator

CopyLock DUPLICATOR (copy protect your DVDs)

Protect Your Hard Work from Unauthorized Copies

If you are a videographer who is bundling their costs and profit in the sale of DVDs to customers, then you might be missing additional revenues from someone making their own copies on their PC or duplicator.

Now there is a way to stop anyone from making unauthorized copies with the all new CopyLock Duplicator, a stand-alone DVD duplicator tower that will create a disc that is nearly impossible to duplicate.

Locked DVD’s will still play on any standard DVD player
Locks DVDs just as well as any Hollywood DVD does

CopyLock Copy Protection Dongle with 15 Licenses DONGLE/COPYLOCK/15

CopyProtection Dongle

The ability to protect ones original DVD video content from others making unauthorized copies could mean the difference between a profitable project and what in many ways would be an unintended free offering. Using Copy Protection feature on select duplicator lines, provides a superior level of protection against successfully copied DVD videos. Taking this scenario one step further, say the owner has a similar line with the copy protection feature available, but they run out of licenses, what can they do?

That's why we offer a series of copy protection dongles with multiple size replacement licenses to allow the user continued ability to embed the copy protection on their proprietary DVD video content.


Model: Licenses Dongle for CopyLock Software
Number of Licenses per Dongle: 15

Type: USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Application: CopyLock Software