TSFD Protection Toolkit: USB Protector, USB Protection Software

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TSFD Protection Toolkit: USB Protector, USB Protection Software

TSFD Protection Toolkit: USB Protector, USB Protection Software

TSFD Protection Toolkit software for USB publishing software, video/audio, data files on USB flash drives to prevent unauthorized copying, illegal copies, control use rights, set expiration date and no of days, passwords.

USB Protection Software supports Secure flash drives, the highest copy protection systems. Copy protect files in USB flash drives. Securely deliver your software protects, video files, audio video to your customers on USB stick, USB flash drives, USB drive, secure flash drives without internet connection.

USB Protector, USB Protection Software

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  • Software Protection
  • Data protection

USB Flash Drive Copy Protection

Copy protection for USB flash drives is much more than a copy protection system. It includes features that turn USB stick into powerful publishing USB drive. While providing top of the line security for your business profits and data, access the content easily. it also makes your product remarkably safe and user-friendly.

The core functionality of USB Copy Protection is hardware based, providing the highest protection level. Strong anti-copy protection for software and data tightly binds your files to the USB flash drive hardware and makes it virtually inseparable. Our USB Copy Protection schemes make copy protection technology an extremely tough nut even for the most experienced pirates. Software protects further control use rights such as printing, copy-paste, limited time use and more.

Create Read only USB, write protection your flash drives in hardware, prevent deliberate or accidental delete, format or change of your data and effectively protect your flash drives against viruses and malware infections. CD DVD-ROM partition, user reserved data area, and true Auto-run / Auto-play functionality further enhance your customers’ usage experience.

Copy protect files in USB flash drives and block copy

A 100% true USB protection solution program to prevent unauthorized copy and distribution for files in all types. It supports read only, write protection, CD-ROM partition, dual partition, password protect, protecting usb, protection files, illegal copy. a wide range of main media formats and assigns specific access the content to different users without internet connection.

TSFD Protection Toolkit

TSFD Protection Toolkit is a professional USB protect tool and protection tool for windows operating system. USB Copy protection Software for PDF, MS Office, HTML,SWF, image, audio, video files, EXE, etc and proprietary file formats. Password protect sensitive files wherever you take the USB drive disks. Protect any secure flash drives with encrypt file types.

Secure USB Flash Drive

secure flash drives is much more than just a copy protection system. Actually this is a complete solution that turns secure flash drives from simple storage devices cum USB dongle key to powerful publishing media files carrier.

Security features of secure flash drives embedded in USB Copy Protection controller such as write protection, block copy, software protects, video files, usb copy, password protect, protecting usb, access the content, protection files, illegal copy, usb protect tool, No internet connection, read only, audio video.

USB Copy Protection File Formats:

  1. PDF, XML, TXT, HTML Documents
  2. Executable Programs, native code EXE, .NET programs, and WPF applications, Adobe Flash EXE
  3. PDF documents, images, video, audio, html web pages, and even your own proprietary file formats
  4. All Video Audio Formats
  5. MS office WORD,EXCEL,PPT Documents.
  6. CAD, DWG drawing
  7. DICOM (Digital Images and Communications in Medicine): DCM, DIC, IMA, NEMA

* Proprietary & and other file formats: Supports almost any data type. Easily configurable in TrusCont USB protect tool software.

* USB Copy Protection is continually updating to supported more file types. Contact us for special projects or to double check the list and find a supported proprietary file formats.

Software Protection

Software copy protection provides publishers with outstanding protection against all software piracy threats. Copy protection is extremely important not only for fighting piracy and increasing revenues, but also for protecting your business' good name and reputation.

TrusCont software protection can be applied to software distributed on offline media such as flash drives and CD/DVD discs, or to software published online using TrusCont Secure Internet Content Delivery service.

Data protection

TrusCont data protection provides a true anti-piracy solution for protecting almost any data type including PDF documents, images, video, audio, html web pages, and even your own proprietary file formats. Its outstanding security level and complete transparency to end users make it an ideal solution for protecting multimedia contents such as e-learning materials, video guides, tutorials, technical publications, animations, presentations, and drawings.


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