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Video-DVD Anti-rip Copy Protection Software | Aft India

Video DVD-R Copy Protection - Aft India

Copy Protection for Recordable Video DVD-Rs from Aft India, the free Anti-rip software tool helps content owners sell more discs by reliably preventing unauthorized copying from common ripping tools.

Copy Protection for Recordable Video DVD-Rs, solutions you can effectively protect your Video DVDs against illegal copying/ripping.

Copy Protection for Recordable Video DVD-Rs

Video DVD-R Copy Protection features

Protect against 1:1 sector copies
Best anti ripping available against all ripping tools
Create protected DVDs without authoring changes
Protects all Video DVDs
Burn/Write using most standard software and burners.

Why Video DVD-R Copy Protection

Super easy to use. Check out the free trial and you'll be burning within the hour.
Used by four of the leading 6 Hollywood studios
Oscar nominated titles and screener distribution of pre-release movies are protected by ProtectBURN


One of the big advantages of compared to other solutions is that it does not require any authoring changes. To apply the protection you can simply pass existing or newly authored VideoDVDs to your manufacturer and ask to apply the protection.


Video has been designed for 100% compatibility with both stand-alone DVD players/recorders and also software players. We provide independent third party compatibility reports from multiple companies that show there is no difference in compatibility between a protected and unprotected title.

Effective Protection

Video is the most effective DVD-Video copy protection available. Unlike other copy protection solutions, there is no generic tool to copy Video protected titles.

Video effectively secures your Video-DVD against 1:1 sector copy approaches, ripping attacks and all kind of tools that combined different approaches.

Video is a new combination of structural copy protection together with CSS that effectively frustrates people trying to copy protected titles. More information about the details of the protection are available for registered customers on request.

Request Sample DVDs

If you want to test Video without doing your own production you can request protected Sample DVDs from us and check them on compatibility and effectiveness.

About Aft India

Aft India offers and provides copy protection and license control solutions for software, video and virtually any other content. Since we effectively and reliably secure the valuable properties of our large and small clients. Aft India offers a complete suite of anti-piracy and secure content delivery solutions that help publishers protect their products and maximize revenues. Our products offer unparalleled quality in both strength and ease of use. The streamlined product design and robust yet versatile anti-piracy DRM technology allow you to protect virtually any type of data online and on offline media in minutes. Video games, software, documents, drawings, images, audio files, offline web pages and even proprietary file formats can all be protected with just a few mouse clicks. No programming skills required whatsoever. DVDs, USB flash drives, the Internet – no matter how you chose to deliver your content, you can benefit from the same outstanding feature-rich data protection and your customers can enjoy the same unified user experience.